There are some great photos that I can find all over the internet, on Pinterest, on Twitter, on certain websites, and on Facebook, etc.  And once in a while, I find it amazing that there are certain web pages, or group pages, that I think I should just take the time to share the photos that are submitted there to be shared in that group.  And they are certainly worthy of being called “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK”.  So, this week, I have selected photos from a few of those type of “Like” pages or “Group” pages from Facebook that should have special recognition.  Congratulations to the following groups who have some incredible photographers who have submitted photos in those groups to be shared to the world.  Those groups are:


I hope you enjoy this collection from this group of great photographers. It took a great deal of time to find the ones that I felt would fit the winning category, although there are many photos that could be winners, for sure.  Let’s take a look at these now:



Photo by: Juan Zas Espinoza

This photo taken in Scotland just made me stop and look at it over and over.  The beautiful blue waters, mixed with that colorful skies, and the lighthouse on the edge of the land, just makes for this a beautiful landscape photo.  Congratulations Juan for this beautiful landscape.




Photo by Dave Allen Photography

We are approaching winter and I love seeing what to do with great winter scenery.  This one is great because of it’s simplicity, but using the light of the golden hours and catching that with the snow….. just lovely.  I just really love all the color that this winter photo has captured.




Photo by: Sanet Guler

There is so much color and contrast in this photo, that it just makes this one an exceptional photo.  Plus, the bright color of the lighthouse makes this one an exceptional photo.  There is so much story to this photo too:  the windblown grass, the approaching storm!  Wow, what an amazing photo.




Photo compliments of :  Amazing Beautiful World

Now the reason this photo wins “Photos of the Week” may not be for it’s photographic composition, but, for capturing something so unique, it has to be a winner because how do you do that????  That is just a great and entertaining photo.  I would guess this is not taken by someone in the city.  But, what a picture for talking about for a long time.  Thanks for sharing this photo with the world.




Photo compliments of Amazing Beautiful World

Now, this photo may have been taken in a zoo, looking at the floor and background.  But, to get the tiger to get to that pose, and for the photographer to know that you need to get down to the cat’s level is also worth the award.   Wow, what a beautiful animal and what a wonderful serene photo from such a majestic animal.





Photo by:  Лили Алеева


What I like about this portrait is that this is just a nice photo captured outdoors, nicely done with a beautiful model, certainly helps too.  A different idea to posing and very popular with beautiful models.  Something you can try with single girls and seniors.   Looks great.


So, that is this week’s Photos of the Week.  Hope you enjoyed these.  And if you  have any interest at looking at more of these type of photos, go to Facebook’s Like pages, and search for those pages listed at the top of this post and find these groups and enjoy more great photos. 



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