2016 was an incredible year for “Photos of the Week”.  Some of the most amazing photos we have ever seen.  Let’s take a look at this years overall winners of the year, taken from the

“Winners of the week” collection:


Photo and creation by Valerie Cox

Posted 12/8/2016

Photographer was unknown in this photo, but makes such an amazing statement.  Was posted on Facebook in the Group:  Amazing Pictures.

Photo by Bob Faucher

This photo was taken for the Kenai Wildlife Foundation showing the Caribou in the Alaska Wilderness.


A great photo with the art of showing the body in motion.

 This photo taken by NASA

This is an amazing photo of a rocket leaving our atmosphere.  How often do we see reality like this?

Photo credit posted by :  NATURE’S AMAZING PICTURES.

Probably taken at the zoo, but who cares.  A great photo captured at the right time.  We

think the photo gives credit to:  Ashish Bhardwaj and Nikhil Sharma.

Photo taken by:  Frédérique Fortune and posted in FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY

Unique because this is an infrared photo.  The white puffy things on the right side of the

photo are actually green trees in real life.  Something fun to learn about infrared photography.

Now the only way to catch such a photo is to certainly be at the right place at the right time.  This was displayed on the website:  “FASCINATING PLACES IN THE WORLD”.  Not really sure who was the actual photographer, but several names are listed.  So, I will post them all as they may have all been contributors.  It is titled:  “Solar eclipse in Paris”.  And the names listed as contributors to the photo are:  Graciela Gonzalez Santos, Eva Jovita Canaveras and Armin Afshar.  So, Congratulations to the photographer(s), and thanks for this incredible photo.

You know, Iceland produces some of the most beautiful photos ever.  Especially when you get a great photographer to go there.  What  a great photo.  I don’t know if any of this is photoshopped, but, it doesn’t matter.  The sunset, the smooth waters, it all comes together in this masterpiece. 

PHOTO BY JOSE RAMOS PHOTOGRAPHY:  And posted on “Fine Art Photography”

“Synchronicity” | Kirkjufell, Iceland


I look carefully for something really unique each month in selecting the “Portrait of the Month”.  Have you ever seen anything so precious?  Truly heartwarming and certainly a winner.  And for those who are portrait photographers, I think I will see some more photos like this, because it is just darling.

Congratulations to:  Fatholy Mosa

Where are these lovely rolling hills?  And to catch that kind of sunset over those hills is just amazing.  No, but wait, are those really sand dunes?  Look closely. 

Our photographer has put together a masterpiece of knees.  Let’s let him explain:

This is a composite of 13 photos. Twelve knee shots and one sky shot. The shadows were added using the Drop Shadow effect in Photoshop. Title: KneeScape.

Photos and computer work done by:  Randy C Finch

Photo credit:  Marina Volodko

I can see this one hanging in my house.  Color, color, color.  Isn’t that what photography captures?  This photo is just the essence of capturing color.  Leading lines, good composition.  Great lighting.  It has it all.

Photo taken by:  Lars Van De Goor

I don’t know if any of this was photoshopped or not, but, it deserves to be listed as “Photo of the Week”.

Photo taken by:  Andrea Grano

Things aren’t always what they appear.  You have to look closely at this picture so you are not deceived, but, this is certainly humorous.  This is a winning photo because it just catches everyones interest so well.

Simply titled:  “oh Well”

Taken by:  Annet Buwalda

A beautiful new way to do a portrait:  Done by Surabhi Gupta Photo Art

Visit China.  Photos taken by Fan Ching Ching

Photo taken by  Sergey Ponomarev for the New York Times

Elżbieta Mikołajska

photo credit:  Unknown


2016 photos of the year



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