Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This beautiful tunnel looks like something out of a fairy tale. It’s actually still used today – trains chug through it three times a day to deliver wood to a factory. It’s believed that if couples who are truly in love hold hands and cross the tunnel, their wishes will come true.
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Deadvlei, Namibia

The black, dead trees against the orange sand dunes in the Namib-Naukluft National Park make the Deadvlei landscape look like a scene out of a painting.
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Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan

The wisteria flower tunnels in Kawachi Fuji Gardens look like something from out of a fairy tale.
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Dragon Trees, Yemen

On the Socotra island of Yemen, you’ll find some odd and unreal-looking dragon blood trees. The name of the tree hails from its alarmingly red sap.
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Marble Caves, Chile

Accessible only by boat, the Marble Caves or Cuevas de Mármol are situated on a solid marble peninsula and change colors depending on the time of year and water levels.

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Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

This Scottish sea cave is made up of hexagonally jointed basalt columns created by intense volcanic activity. It’s Gaelic name means “the melodious cave” due to its haunting cathedral-like atmosphere. Creepy.

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Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Japan

This bright green bamboo grove will transport you to a magical world. It’s located in Kyoto, Japan.

Atsushi Nakamoto/Getty Images

Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a huge submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize that Jacques Cousteau named one of the top scuba diving sites in the world.

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The Grand Canal, Italy

Venice is truly a one-of-a-kind city.
Inge Johnsson/Getty Images

Kjeragbolten, Norway

Kjeragbolten, a boulder in the Kjerag mountain located in Norway, is wide enough for you to stand on. The rock measures five cubic meters, and the drop to the bottom is 3,228 feet.
Pawel Gaul/Getty Images

Danxia Landform, China

The Danxia landform in Zhangye, China, gets its color from red sandstone and mineral deposits.
Imaginechina/Rex Features

Edge of the World Swing, Ecuador

The swings hanging from La Casa Del Arbol in Baños, Ecuador, will make you feel like you’re on top of the world – literally

John Coletti/Getty Images

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, a volcanic island, has a unique landscape of steep cliffs surrounding the beautiful blue waters of a lagoon that connects to the sea.

Marco Simoni/Getty Images

Grand Canyon, Arizona

This American landmark is well-known but has plenty of quiet spots that travelers can escape to and spend time with one of nature’s most incredible wonders.

Michele Falzone/Getty Images

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

Located in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the United States and is known for its vivid gradient of colors.

Ignacio Palacios/Getty Images

Cappadocia, Turkey

This region of the Eastern European country is known for its history and interesting geography such as the rock formations called “fairy chimneys.”

Emilie CHAIX/Getty Images

Trolltunga, Norway

Norwegians do love their trolls. Trolltunga translates as Troll’s tongue and perfectly describes the piece of jutting rock.
Solent News/Rex Features

Havasu Falls, US

We’re aware of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but there’s another lesser-known sight – the Havasu Falls – that you shouldn’t miss out on. The red rocks and vibrant blue waters make a really stunning contrast.
Arunsundar/Getty Images

Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

Some of the world’s largest natural crystals can be found in this cave.

Ik-Kil Cenote, Mexico

A cenote is a natural sinkhole that fills up with water – many people in past civilizations would use it as a natural well for water. Ik-Kil is one of the more famous cenotes in Mexico and is well worth a visit.
Gap di gitto antonino/Getty Images

Mount Roraima, South America

Mount Roraima is a mountain range that borders Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. What’s unique about this mountain is its flat, tabletop surface, which in the midst of clouds looks like something really magical.
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Meteora, Greece

Monasteries precariously perched on top of sandstone rock pillars make Meteora a must-see sight.
Nikos Zacharoulis/Getty Images

Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen, or the Pulpit Rock, is a huge destination point for hikers, adventurous travelers, and anyone else willing to brave the heights for some amazing views.

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