As I start to put this week’s photos together, I have already found some of the most amazing photos.  I am so excited to share with you this week’s Photos.  Beautiful, amazing photos from some of the best photographers around the world.  Every Thursday, I look all over the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever, to find photos that are worthy of being called winners, Photos of the Week.  Hope you enjoy this week’s winners:
Photo by Sean Nicholas > Photoshop & Lightroom

I love a creative portrait.  You take a beautiful girl, put her in a costume and special makeup and you now have a beautiful art piece as well.  This has been tastefully done to bring out a special feeling of a warrior princess to me.  Congratulations Sean on this masterful Portrait.  This is a fun portrait, and worthy of “Portrait of the Week”.

Photo by Todd Wall

Some people just know how to use all the rules of composition to put together the perfect photo!  And Todd has graced this page before and you can see why.   The leading lines, the color of the picture, everything about this makes me want to hang it on my wall.  Congratulations Todd, for putting together a great masterpiece.  And the Title of the picture:  “Fall up the Tracks”

To see more of Todd’s pictures, or to shop for some of his art, go to:

Giulieta Alfa Martina Romeo w/ Roberto Tozzi

Whoa!  This photo just stops and grabs you for a moment.  Is that a ???  No, it’s a ?  You are right.  This is a photo of great still photography and makeup done to perfection.  What is still photography done with makeup like this?  Magnificent.  Anything that will make you stop and stare at it for a moment will be worth the time to realize the time and effort this took to put this photo together.  Really.  Amazing photo, and time went into this.  This had to be worthy of being a “Photo of the Week”


Sometimes the winter and fog can bring us some amazing photos if you look for it.  And if you get the timing of the light, and angle just right, you can create an amazing photo from what normally seems like just a ho-hum picture.  But, look at how Milly took this opportunity to take a chain link fence and barbed wire fence covered with frost, and waited for the backlight of the sun to create an amazing photo.  I know that sometimes patience will often create the best photo.  Congratulations to Milly for capturing this photo.

Unknown Photographer

Sometimes I hesitate posting a photo that has “Unknown Photographer”.  One time I did that, I had the photographer reach out to me and prove that he was the actual photographer.  I was glad to re-post the photo and give them the credit they deserve.  This photo is one that truly is just one of those that you can tell just is a piece of art.  I don’t know how far it has gone around the internet.  To me there are several kinds of people who would love this photo:  the horse lover, the winter season lover, and the sunset lovers.  All in one photo.  What a great picture.  So, hopefully, I will re-post this again  as the photographer is found.

Photo by:  Claudio Piccoli . Photoshop & Lightroom

Claudio has such a feel for photographing dogs.  Now, I hope you will take a moment and enlarge this or see it on your computer, not just on your cell phone, because you have to see the dog’s eyes.  They have such an expression.  This just makes this whole photo just priceless.  What a great capture of a dog having a good time.  Congratulations Claudio for showing us another great photo this week that truly makes us all smile.

Claudio is a well know photographer in taking pictures of dogs and other animals.  See more of his work on his Facebook page:

Or check out his own website:



That is this week’s Photos.  Amazing.  And I think I could enjoy all of these on my wall.  I hope you enjoyed them too.  See you next week for more great photos.

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