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I love close up photography.  To me it brings the natural beauty of the things around us, that we take for granted, and lets us see that it is even more beautiful than we even imagined.  I chuckled a bit as I was preparing for this subject, as I was looking for good photos to show on this week’s blog.  My definition of close-up photos is different than some people…. like NASA.  They were showing close-up photos (they say) of the tiny planet Pluto.  As you know, after 9 years of travel, a satellite has reached close enough to take pictures of this planet.  I guess in perspective of NASA, that is definitely closer than we have ever seen before, but, taking a picture of something that is thousands of miles away, is not what I had in mind.

Let’s get started with what we have.  I find it amazing with the equipment that is out there, how almost anyone can take close-up photography.  Most smart phone cameras even have great lenses, and the capabilities to take great close-up photos.  I have a smart phone camera that has a close-up capability and have taken some great photos with it.  Sometimes, in order to do it, you have to go into a menu to switch the mode to close-up photography, and other cell phones do it automatically.  So, check your camera and see just how close you can get, and what you need to do.  Remember that some of these newer cell phone cameras have great resolution for a small camera.

 Photo credit:  desk


Photo Credit:  Laurie Excell

I love on this second photo, how you can see the droplets of water on the flower.  Doesn’t that add just that much more beauty to the close-up?

The regular point and shoot cameras are becoming even better stars in the close-up world.  I have a camera that has close up features that also allows me to shoot underwater.  I can actually take pictures of my fish, still on the line, within a foot of the camera.

The bigger DSLR cameras are the serious type cameras.  With lens attachments, or even more specific, a macro lens, you have it all the way.  Some of these lenses will allow you to get even closer than what you see above.  I do need to mention that when you get closer to things, it amplifies your camera movement.  So, as you get closer and closer to subjects, you do have to use a tripod to stop the camera jiggles, more than the subject from moving.   Here are just some examples of incredible close-up photos taken with DSLR cameras with either a macro lens or lens attachments:

Photo credit:

photo credit:

photo credit:

I am trying to be really general in describing how to do close-up photography, rather than be so specific.  I don’t want to get into showing how to use close-up filters, or extension tubes or things like that, because most photographers don’t use those things today.  But, what I am hoping to do is to show you how to look for things, maybe experiment with the everyday things around you, get your camera up close to things, and try taking the close-up picture with your cell phone camera, your new digital point and shoot camera, and see what magic is there.  The close-up world is beautiful.  And it will bring you lots of compliments on your photography.  So, just experiment with your camera, and see what you can do.

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