When I first set up my Facebook Photography account, I was obviously looking for good photographers I could associate with.  You have met several of these photographers on my Friday “Special Edition” feature on my blog.  I looked at “Jug”, thought the name was different, and then took a look at his photography, and was very delighted in his work.  I found someone who was really dedicated to photography, and that is what is way fun about Jug.  There are several groups of photographers who have pages, in which they can post their photos and their feelings, and that is where I was invited to.  So, I “liked” his photo page and have been a fan of Jug for some time.  The fun part of developing my Photographic Facebook account was I was finding all these great  photographers from all over the world.  So far I have highlighted Photographers from France, Spain, Portugal, and even the United States, but, this time I find Jug from Algeria.  From looking at his pictures, it is a very beautiful country.  I am glad he has a camera and can share his world with the rest of us.  I am glad to call Jug my friend.  And here is some photos, and some more information about JUG:

Simply titled:  “Windows”

My name is Jugurtha Ferradji, I was born in 1997 in Algiers ,capital of Algeria.

I’m Berber(Kabylian), native of Tizi-ouzou in Kabylia (north of Algeria)

Surrounded by my brothers and sisters, I lived in Bouira (one hundred miles east of Algiers),

where I did my schooling.

Since my childhood, the image was for me a magical world, the Black and white especially, fascinated me .

But this world, full of imaginary, remains unknown for me.

In 2012, I met my brother in law, a photographer himself ; thanks to him, I finally realize my dream, To belong to the world of photography.

Without hesitation, he guided, advised  and helped me to understand and to use my first camera. Nikon D80…

Then, I did my photography studies and after two years, I had my Diploma, I worked in the same time in a photo studio.

After that, I never left my camera.

And now, it’s with my D80, that I’m realizing my dream.

This looks like one of those dream places we all want to go to.

After that, I never left my camera.

And now, it’s with my D80, that I’m realizing my dream.

I’m very sensitive to the work of big photographers like : Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton.

I recently discovered Steve Mc Curry’s photographies, and I like it !

With the Mediterranean sun and through my lens, I’m always trying to find a new opportunities,

to rediscover the world around us, and to share it with whole world.

Not too long ago, I did an article on how to be a good “Street Photographer”.  

As I was preparing to put this together for Jug, I realized that he is one

of the best “Street Photographers” I have seen in a long time.  Check out these

next two photos.  This is great street photography.  A pro at this for sure.

Je m’appelle Jugurtha Ferradji, je suis né à Alger en 1997.

De nationalité Algérienne, je suis Kabyle, originaire de la région de Tizi-Ouzou situé dans la Grande Kabylie.

Entouré de mes frères et sœurs, j’ai vécu à Bouira (à 100 Km à l’est d’Alger) où j’ai effectué toute ma scolarité.

Depuis mon enfance, l’image a toujours été pour moi un monde magique, le Noir & Blanc spécialement me fascinait. Mais ce monde, fait de tant d’imaginaire, restait malgré tout inconnu pour moi.

C’est en 2012, grâce à la rencontre avec mon beau-frère, photographe, que je réalise enfin mon rêve.

Pouvoir appartenir aussi à l’univers de la photo.

Celui-ci n’a pas hésité à m’expliquer, me conseiller et m’accompagner dans la compréhension et l’utilisation de mon premier appareil photo. Un Nikon D80 …

J’ai ensuite passé mon diplôme de photographie en travaillant parallèlement dans un studio photo pendant 2 ans.

Depuis je ne quitte jamais mon appareil photo.

C’est maintenant avec la complicité de mon D80 que je réalise mon rêve.

Je suis très sensible au travail réalisé par de grands photographes comme : Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson et Helmut Newton.

J’ai découvert récemment le travail de Steve Mc Curry, et j’adore !

Avec le soleil de la méditerranée, j’essaye à travers l’objectif, de chercher tous les jours de nouvelles occasions de redécouvrir le monde qui nous entoure afin de pouvoir le partager.


Jug has done something that I haven’t seen happen on Facebook before.  I am sure he has had his “Jug” page that everyone can go to, and see some of his great work he has done.  Then I asked myself, as I am sure he did, how dedicated are we to photography?  Well, Jug went and set up the ultimate “like” page, and he has quite a following, as this has been set up only since the beginning of 2016.  He has set up a “like” page titled 366 days photo  .  And has plans to put up a photo every single day of 2016.  So far, I am seeing the life of Jug, and his city and his surroundings.  He is doing a great job.  So, with this photographer, you have 2 pages to like in your Facebook account:  JUG,  And 366 days Photo.  So, everyone, please, you are invited to go and like these pages, become a fan of Jug.

I want to take a moment and thank JUG for allowing us into his life.  Your photography is great.

We are learning a lot more about you and your lovely country.

And it is great that you can take so many great pictures and share them with us and I invite all

who read this to “LIKE” your pages, so they can follow your growth in


Congratulations for being chosen to be on the Special Edition of this blog.  Your

skill in photography has put you in a special class.

Thank you Jug:  All photos taken by Jug Ferradjis.

He has some websites that I want you all to check out:

Please go to:  https://www.facebook.com/phOtO2016Graphy/
Recently a photographer friend of his has joined together to do a special photo special on HANDS:  A challenge to bring different photos of hands.  Check this out:  https://www.facebook.com/Jug-Raquel-Art-1778123939129593/

hands 1

Two great artists getting together and taking an amazing challenge of photographing things of hands.  You have to check it out.  Could you do something like this?  Join their like page, and see the rest of their challenges.

And one more Facebook page, just for fun…… where would you put your photos that you want to put all the fun, interesting photos that you have taken along your photographic career, silly ones, just for fun…. Here:  https://www.facebook.com/JF97H/

So, enjoy getting to know a serious photographer.  One who enjoys life as a photographer.  Although Jug and I are across the world from each other, we are certainly “photographic friends”.  Thanks Jug for your friendship.  Someday, we will meet in person, I hope.




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