Just for fun, a little history on this journey.  I have a son who had been doing a blog for some time, and I asked him why he did that.  And he said it was because he had a passion for what he did, which was running, and he liked to share it with the world, and found that by sharing his feelings about running that other people in the world would also find it interesting and they would read about his successes, and struggles so they could learn too.   

He is still a very good, incredible runner.  How is his blog doing?  That too is doing great.  He has been an inspiration in this, because he taught me to just be consistent, don’t get discouraged, and make sure you learn as you go, so that it shows that you are becoming better as well.  Take a look at my son’s blog page and be prepared to be impressed, and if you are a runner, you may want to follow his page:


He currently has over 157,000 followers on his blog.  He does an amazing job.  

Second point of my success is that I have another son who really follows blogs, and he has followed those people who are on YouTube, and other blog sites, and those who make money doing a blog.  So, I looked into that thought that maybe some day, a blogsite could become really big enough that it could draw advertisers to your blog site.  So, I give credit to my other son Aaron who guided me with suggestions himself.  He too has his own blogs that are now just beginning and we are sometimes working together in developing his.  He is more in to the horror genre and it does involve some tricky photography at times.  He has bought his own camera, backdrops, and interesting items to help create the ultimate websites.  

He is just beginning his blog, and you tube, but you will see some big things from him as well.  He is a creative writer, and it takes time to put these things together.  For now, follow him on Twitter:

When I look back at my first blog.  I only posted 1 photo.  It was a picture of my favorite fishing spot:

Actually, I have several favorite fishing spots.  The funny thing is, I couldn’t figure out how to put more than 1 photo on my blog.  Now, I have put as many as 50 on this blog.  I have learned how to use all the tools, and hopefully made this very entertaining for all types of Photographers.  

So, what happens now?
I HAVE A PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY!  I want to share what I have learned over the years.  I want to share the talents of others.  There is so much wonderful photographers out there that need to be discovered.  I have met so many great photographers online.  I have had the opportunity to post their photos on this website.  I think you are all amazing.  I look forward to seeing you some day as well, in real life.  Let’s just keep sharing these wonderful photos to the world. 
Soon, I open a store, where I will be selling photos of my own, and other photographers.  They are reasonably priced, and I hope that everyone will enjoy them.  I kept this blog site name somewhat generic, so that it could be a place that photographers could come to use the site some day.  If they want a place to sell their photos, they could.  I have the viewership almost in place.  As of this writing, my website has over 20,000 followers.  So, it has grown since it’s inception.  I hope you will continue to follow this progress, become a part of it if you would like.  You are welcome to communicate directly to me by going to my email address at:
So, what really makes any website or blog successful:  YOU, THE FOLLOWERS!  AND THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !

FYI:  123Photogo has 2 locations for it’s blog:  



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