Look at these amazing photos found for the Photos of the week.  These photos were just incredible finds of just rare photos.  Congratulations to those photographers whose photos were picked for this:


1-  One of the most beautiful photos of Niagara Falls I have ever seen.  A long 10 second exposure and the angle I have not seen before, and you have a masterpiece.

Niagara Falls. After all these years and many many visits it still fills me with awe. 10 second exposure. 




2- With all the terrible flooding going on in West Virginia, it is nice to see something beautiful coming out of that area.  A professional photographer posts a beautiful picture of West Virginia that will reflect just how beautiful it can be there, and will be again:

In the wake of the recent flooding, my heart goes out to the people of beautiful West Virginia today.

As you might know from past sharing, I love West Virgina. So I looked for a West Virginia photograph in my portfolio that would be most hope-inspiring in this tragic time. I had posted this one just over a year ago. And while I have others that are still waiting to be shared, I really felt that this photograph best represented my wish for the skies to clear and the peace and serenity of the people of West Virginia to be restored.

If anyone from West Virgina feels they have their finger on the pulse of which charity most visibly has feet on the ground and is providing tangible help right now, please message me and let me know as soon as possible.

And I urge everyone reading this to find the charity of their choice and make a donation to help those in West Virginia whose lives have been devastated by the recent flooding.

“Sunset at Lindy Point in Beautiful West Virginia.”

Photo by Steven Max Photography

3-  An artist working on his photos in Photoshop and Lightroom, has been working on this photo he took in Venice.  Fill in the shadows, tone down the lights, do some magic here and there and you create the perfect picture:

”  A nights stroll in Venice”

Photo and work enhancement done by:   Robert Schmalle




4- Have you ever tried double exposures?  How about double exposures on a landscape photo?  Now this is not normally something  somebody would do, but, the end is result is spectacular.  The details of how this photo was taken is listed below.  But, this certainly makes this week’s “Photos of the Week”.

Two shots, 1, 300 second exposure for the foreground and a 15second exposure for the sky for tunnel view without any moon around 4am.

Photos taken by Marion Williams



5-  Seems like we have been highlighting long exposures so much lately, and they are very beautiful, but once in a while a fast shutter speed just catches the moment just right.  In this photo, the waves caught up in the air, birds in flight, just at the right moment creates a great winner for this week’s Photo of the week.

Fly in the storm…….. by Bill Preston




6-  Sunset  time can also lead to twilight.  What is twilight?  It is when the sunset time ends, I believe, when the colors are really different and the colors are richer, more deeper, and are usually missed by photographers.  Hail to the photographer who waits beyond the sunset for THIS:

Twilight erupts over an ancient bristlecone pine. I may have ‘accidentally’ pointed Steve Turner in the wrong direction, causing him to miss the beautiful color.”

Photo taken by Miles Morgan


That is this week’s Photos of the week.  I wanted to try a different format, rather than just throw up a bunch of pictures.  But, really give you my opinion why these photos were chosen.  It’s amazing how many photos I pass up until I find one that catches my eye.  Then I find something really unique about this photo and feel that we can learn from the photo as well as be entertained by viewing it.  Until next week.

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