SPECIAL: Fun Christmas portrait ideas !

Photo by:  quotes.lol.rofl.com


Probably more than any other holiday, Christmas photos will be taken of the family and visiting friends.   Instead of the usual Photos of the week, I think it is time to bring my annual “Christmas Photos of the Week” to inspire us to look at some of the great photos that have been taken, and learn from some of the best photographers.  Some fun and beautiful ideas to learn from:  Check these out this week:

Photo by:  elmorephoto.com

Photo by:  Blue Castle Photography

Photo by:  fine art America.com

Photo by:  Holiday helpings.wordpress.com

Photo by:  wallpapers9.org

Photo by:  bestprofilepicture.blogspot.com

Photo by:  farrellphotography.net

Photo by: pixgood.com

Photo by:  funny pho.to

There you have 10 portraits, each different, each a different style.  Hope you learn from these, and Hope  you have fun taking photos this Christmas.  Would love to see some of your photos.  

Merry Christmas: 

From:  123Photogo

* All photos were taken from Google photos, available to anyone. 


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