Still Photography is another type of photography that has recently been discovered that a lot of photographers miss.  A very unique type of photography where you set the scene and take the photo.  What makes this such a unique art is that it brings back the photography that has come from the past of flower arrangements, old unique arrangements of antiques, or even bring out the morbid type of products in a very unique arrangement.  Listed below are some of the best artists who have brought this art to a masterpiece.  I would dare say that most of what you are about to see are photos that would be sold on the market for a rather large sum of money, because of the time it takes to arrange the scene, as well as get the lighting and exposure set so perfect.  This is not done as easily as a person might think.  So, congratulations to these artists who have posted these photos on a special website that will be mentioned at the bottom of this presentation.


still 1
Compliments of Still Life PhotoArt


still 2
Photo by:  Andrei Blank


still 3
Compliments of Still Life PhotoArt


still 4
Photo by:  Nemirovich Anna


still 5
Photo by: Ira Bykov 


still 6
Photo by: Anatoly Che 


still 7


still 8
Photo by:  Владимир Ларин


Still 9
Photo by:  Алена Шибко


still 10
Photo by:  Ira Bykov


still 11A
Photo compliments of Still Life PhotoArt


still 12
Photo by:  Алена Шибко


still 13
Photo by:  Ira Bykov


still 14
Photo by: Диана Амелина 


still 15
Photo compliments of Still Life PhotoArt


still 16
Photo by:  Елена Татульян

There you have 16 of the most beautiful and unique Still Photos I have been able to collect.  All done with a nice flair with different subjects as well.  Want to give it a try?  It’s harder than you think.  And it’s a beautiful art.  

There is a website devoted to artists that do this, and I would recommend that you check this out, and maybe “Like” their website, or even join it, if you get this good.  That website is:




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