PHOTOS OF THE WEEK:  February 8th, 2018, Featuring Don White Photography !

don white 1   Once in a while we are fortunate enough to get a professional photographer, who is willing to share their photos and their talents with us.  After I had seen the types of photos that Don takes, I totally found him worthy to occupy this spot on “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK”.  His photos are amazing, and often just breathtaking.  I am pleased to present at this time a biography of a great photographer, and some of his great photos that you, too, may enjoy.  Please welcome DON WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY:


I am a nature and landscape photographer. I love making photographs and I hope this adoration and passion comes across in my work for you to enjoy. I strive to create elegant and beautiful photographs of the places I have the great fortune to visit. In many ways, this approach produces idealized versions of these places. I feel a sense of awe whenever I’m out and about in nature and all the beauty it has to offer. I hope that in some small way, my photography can communicate this sense of wonder and awe that I always feel when I am capturing a photograph. Although most of my photography is of nature and landscapes, some may include the human elements of some kind. These are made to put more perspective and/or a better composition to make the photograph more enjoyable. To me it is more than just making pictures; it is capturing a moment in time that will never repeat itself. All my photographs are available for prints and merchandise; watermarks will not appear on prints ordered from my website. Feel free to comment on any photographs in this website or email me at , I would love to hear from you. I am a member of the Nature Photography Network and a field contributor for Nature Photographer Magazine.

don white 3

Today is another shot from the BIG waves at the coast last week. It was a wild and crazy surf to witness! Huge wave explosions and unique wave patterns to capture. This is from Waikiki Beach, Cape Disappointment, Washington.


don white 4

“Travel Tuesday” is another favorite from my archives. This is ‘When Fall Meets Winter’. I was on a photo shoot, with some other photographers, for fall colors up near Trout Lake, WA. It was kind of a cool day, with rain off and on. As I camped out, I could hear the rain during the night falling on my pickup. Just before sunrise I figured it must of stop and look outside and it was snowing! Thus, I have fall colors, fog and snow. This shot is from the Trout Lake Natural Area Preserve.


I received my first camera when I was about 10 years old. It was a “Hopalong Cassidy” camera and was unique, because it not only used 127 film, but I could make two different exposures to each number. When I reached high school age, my Dad gave me his Argus C3, flash attachment and light meter. My first 35mm camera. Now I could do black and white…and color! This really got my photography juices flowing. I started taking ‘real’ pictures. Did a lot of shooting on my own, especially at high school at games and plays. But wanted to learn more and took a photography class my Senior year. There I became more focused on the importance of aperture, shutter speed, different film speeds, processing my own black and white film and printing in the darkroom. My first published photo was an assignment from the photography class and they used one of my images in the yearbook. In fact, my new interest in photography, also inspired my Dad, too. He built me a darkroom in the garage. My older brother, who was in the service, heard about it, (and found a bargain somewhere), sent me an enlarger, easel and trays. It wasn’t too long after that I bought my first SLR, along with a 50mm lens and mini telephoto lens that had a built in cpl filter.


don white 5

“Coastal Monday” is a favorite from my archives. This is ‘Bay Mist’. The location is Humboldt Bay in Eureka, CA. It was an overcast day and we decided to check out the waterfront. The fog started to move in across the water and marina at Woodley Island and Eureka Channel. I like how the pilings were still pretty clear and the marina, in the distance, being lost in the mist and barely seeing the colors of the boats.


don white 6

“Water Wednesday”, is some fall colors, from a few years ago, when we visited my brother, and his wife, in Redmond, Oregon. This is the Upper Tumalo Reservoir, with the Three Sisters and Broken Top in the distance.


After high school I found work at a color lab that processed film and prints. Did that for awhile until I got employment at Photo Art Commercial Studios in downtown Portland, OR. It was there that I really expanded my photography experience, doing photo retouch, working with other photographers on assignments/jobs with large format cameras, developing and printing color and black and white film and photos, studio portraits and passports for customers. It was also, at Photo Art, that I worked with Ray Akteson, Karlis Grants and John Patterson.


don white 7

My “Coastal Monday” takes you to the beautiful Mackenzie Beach near Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC. This is a shot about 10:15 pm, Iso 4000 at 8 seconds. Nice calm waters and clear starry nights up here. So quiet and peaceful, too


don white 8

This is “Dreamy” from my archives. The location is Seal Rock State Park. Using a Neutral Density filter and a 20 seconds exposure is what gives you the indistinct look on the water.
Best viewed large


Then, I had a career change…but I was never far from my love with a camera and photography. I’ve lived in 6 different places, since high school, and had a darkroom in 4 of them. I have a digital darkroom in my present home and have been digital since 2000, starting with point and shoots cameras. Bought my first DSLR about 2005 and have upgrade several times since.


don white 9

This is from an abandoned building at The Academy in Vancouver, WA. I love the effect of the boarded window, draped with the ivy vines and leaves, on the old building.


don white 10

This is “Still Of The Night”, taken at night, at the Charleston Harbor, located southwest of Coos Bay on the Southern Oregon Coast. It was a peaceful night of no wind, no rain and no moon.
Best viewed large.


I retired about 7 years ago and have done a lot with photography since then. Being in the digital world, and retired, has allowed me to get out to explore and create more images. Also, being on Facebook, has allowed me to be in touch easier with other photographers. I’ve been to a few photo workshops, seminars and tours with Art Wolfe, Moose Peterson, John and Barbara Gerlach, Bob Davis and Gary Randall. Have done camping with other photographers and have met many photographers along the way in my outings somewhere.



don white 11

“Water Wednesday” is ‘On The Rocks!’ from two years ago, when we had such a long below freezing cold spell with no snow. Anything that was wet…froze! This from the Columbia River side of Rooster Rock State Park. The splashing of the river, onto the rocks, kept adding with each wave and created a very thick and interesting covering of ice from the freezing temperatures.
Best viewed large


don white 12

‘Snow Rocks and Morning Mist’, is from the Mt Hood National Forest, at the White River Sno-Park West. The original image has some blue skies, but I wanted it to have more. So, I changed it to black/white to make it more dramatic. The early morning sunlight brought out the shadows more in the snow covered rocks and gave me more detail in the lighter portions of my image.


don white 13

This image is from one of the many trips to our favorite place in Poulsbo, WA. We were visiting in time for a beautiful sunset and to catch this silhouette of a crane on a dock at the waterfront.


Most of my photography is of nature and landscape…but have done 5 weddings and do 3 local singing groups. The singing groups all use my images on their Facebook page. Quite a few of my images, on Facebook, have also been shared with other Facebook Community pages. I do have a regular Facebook page (Don White) and a photography page (Don White Nature Photography). I have a website at


don white 14

“Travel Tuesday” is from my archives, and a favorite, taken a few years ago on our trip to the Northeast Coast. This is ‘Fall Colors and Red Barn’ – somewhere in the countryside of Maine on one of our road treks.


don white 15

Sometimes, even on a cool day, the seals will sun themselves on a beach somewhere. As I quietly crawled into position for my image here, one of them kept popping up and making sure I didn’t get too close! This was on the beach at Alsea Bay in Waldport, OR.


don white 16

I’ve been challenged by a friend (and photographer)! Challenged to post one photo a day, for seven days, of black and white photos of my life. No people. No explanation. The original instructions are to nominate someone every day. Since I don’t want to put anyone on the spot and make them feel like they have to participate, I will “Triple-Dog-Dare” any of my friends and/or photographers to post your own. I know who you are! This is my day 7 of 7…..

Just a note:  if anyone was to challenge someone to do this:  to shoot black and white photos for 7 days, and expect this kind of results like Don just presented here???  What an amazing black and white photo.


don white 17

Country roads, take me home…..


I will also add, that I lost half my hearing when I was 5 years old. I think this has helped me a lot with my photography, to become more focused, alert and cautious, and to be more particular with what I see and getting the image and detail that I want to create. I really don’t take that many shots (compared to other photographers)…probably still stuck in old school habits from my film days. I do try to get it right on the first shot, with all the proper settings, so that there’s less work to do in the “darkroom”.


don white 18

Long fenced driveway…


don white 19

Red Leaves and Bench


don white 20

Location is looking across Liberty Bay, from the waterfront park, in Poulsbo, WA. This is one of our favorite places to stop and visit when we head towards Port Angeles.


don white 21

‘Footprints In The Sand At Sunrise’, an image from Hug Point State Park, Arch Cape Or.
Best viewed large.


don white 22

Mushrooms and Moss


don white 23

Fall Litter!


A reminder, that you can see his best collection at:


don white 24

The misty morning made it easier to see the cobweb and spider with the water droplets


don white 25

Fall colors at the Portland Japanese Garden.


A special thanks to DON WHITE for allowing me to use his photos for this presentation.  They are amazing.  And I appreciate having a photographer of this caliber to use as “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK”.  That alone is amazing to get such a variety of photos from just one GREAT photographer.  Thanks again Don for all these amazing photos.  I only scratched the surface of the many photos you have.




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