PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: 3/1/2018 – Featuring :  From France:  Elisabeth Engels !


Self portrait of Elisabeth Engels

My first introduction of Elisabeth goes back a long way.  I remember when I first set up, what I call my Facebook Photographic page.  I have two accounts, and I set up to find a group of people who were in to photography as I started my blog.  I don’t know if I discovered her back as early as August of 2015, but it was close to that, or soon after that time.  I was just starting my blog and was looking for photographers all over the world.  I then had less than 100 followers on my Facebook page.  Now, I have close to 25,000.  So, Elisabeth, this will be viewed by a few more people than when I first got started.  I was actually introduced to a new type of photography by the photos she took.  I had not really seen that much of this type of photography before, and as I got more into looking around in the photographic world, I found that it was rather popular.  And that was a style called: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY.  I soon got to really like STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, because this type of artist had something unique that not a lot of photographers had:  An eye for finding things that all other photographers miss.  If you were to send a STREET PHOTOGRAPHER out in to their backyard, they would probably take about 100 photos and I would take maybe 10 to 20, because they can see things out there that are unique, and angles of things that are different to me, a different angle, and make it artistic.  They absolutely amaze me.  Now, these STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS usually will take their camera out into their own city all the time, and capture moments of everyday life and tell stories of what the city is all about.  And with that, let’s show you some award winning photos, and introduce you more to Elisabeth Engels:

lis 2


lis 3


I was born in Marseille, 20 October 1966 and I live in Cergy,  in the Val d’Oise, in France.  My dad gave me my first camera, a Nikkormat. It had belonged to him for a very long time. He knew I loved photography because I spent time watching him develop his photos in his amateur lab. He taught me how to adjust the aperture, and use the light.  I wasn’t very good but i liked it. I photographed landscapes, never people. When my father died I lost my camera.   It was the beginning of digital but I didn’t want to get into it then. I thought there was no soul. I stopped photography for a long time.  And then finally I bought a bridge camera for the holidays to take photos of my daughter.

I met by, chance an amateur photographer. He advised me to buy a Canon eos1200D to begin.  Not too expensive, not too heavy, easy to carry everywhere in a purse.

Mon père m’a offert mon premier appareil photo, un nikkormat. Il lui avait appartenu pendant très longtemps. Il savait que j’aimais la photographie parceque je passais du temps à le regarder développer ses photos dans son laboratoire amateur. Il m’a appris à régler le diaphragme, utiliser la lumière. Je n’étais pas très douée mais j’aimais ça. Je photographiais des paysages, jamais des personnes. Quand mon père est mort, j’ai perdu mon appareil photo. C’étaient les débuts du numérique mais je ne voulais pas m’y mettre. Je pensais qu’il n’y avait pas d’âme. J’ai arrêté la photo.Et puis, j’ai finalement acheté un bridge pour mes photos de vacances avec ma fille. J’ai rencontré par hasard un photographe amateur. Il m’a conseillé d’acheter un canon eos 1200D pour débuter. Pas trop cher, pas trop lourd, facile à emmener partout dans un sac de fille.

lis 4



lis 5


lis 6


My lover boy told me one day, the real pictures are other things than your pictures. I kept my camera but not my lover boy… At first, I photographed buildings. I like my city and modern architecture. I created my page on FB : I posted in urban group, minimalists one. One day I posted one photo with a building and a person. One friend told me it was a beautiful STREET PHOTO. I didn’t see the person in the picture, just the building. It’s by chance I  started street photography.  I love people, and I am a social worker. When I take street photos I like to imagine the lives of people I take pictures. I invent stories. They are simple people. I try to show the emotion that I feel. I don’t really like to photograph homeless people. I don’t know why.  Perhaps I think it’s not respectful.

Mon petit ami m’a dit un jour que les vraies photos c’étaient autre chose que celles que le faisais. J’ai gardé mon appareil mais pas mon petit ami. Au début, je photographiais les immeubles. J’aime ma ville et l’architecture. J’ai créé ma page FB :». J’ai posté sur des groupes de photo d’urbanisme, de minimalisme. Un jour j’ai posté une photo d’un immeuble avec une personne. Un ami m’a dit que c’était une jolie «photo de rue». Je n’avais pas vu la personne sur la photo, juste l’immeuble. C’est par hasard que j’ai commencé la «photo de rue». J’aime les gens, je suis travailleur social. Quand je fais de la «street», j’aime bien imaginer la vie des gens que je photographie. J’invente des histoires. Ce sont des gens simples.J’essaie de montrer l’émotion que je ressens. Je n’aime pas photographier les personnes qui sont «à la rue». Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Peut-être est-ce parce que je pense que c’est irrespectueux.

lis 7


lis 8


lis 9


lis 10

Oh, surprise.  She has other great talents too !!!


lis 11

Of course her photos have won awards as well.  Congratulations for the great work in Street Photography.


The photo, for me, is a way to breathe and pay homage to my father.  I think he would be proud of me.   Maybe I will be doing an exhibition one day. I would like to take picture of the everyday life oh the people of my city and that they see themselves in large print format, because without them, without the emotion they give me when I  photograph them, my life will not be the same. It’s a dream I have.

Pour moi, la photo c’est une manière de respirer et rendre hommage à mon père. Je me dis qu’il serait sûrement fier de ce que je fais. Je ferai peut être une exposition un jour. J’aimerais prendre des photos du quotidien des habitants de ma ville et qu’ils puissent se voir en grand format. Sans eux, sans l’émotion qu’ils me procurent quand je les photographie ma vie ne serait pas la même. C’est le rêve dont je rêve.




Seems like I just did a blog on “diagonal lines”.  She has got this one down to an art.


lis 15


lis 16

Another award for her photographic skills.


lis 17

Another winning photo.  Congratulations

Elisabeth does belong to several photographic groups.  I also belong to some of these groups and see her often be recognized for her great photographic skills.  I remember the first time I saw one of her photos and thought that she has the skills to capture your attention.  A group of her photos, on my wall could be a lot of fun.  Let’s take a look and see what you think:


A group of her photos like that is amazing.  The artistry of everyday life comes through with her type of photography.  Here is another group of photos:



lis 26


lis 27


Thank you ELISABETH ENGELS, for being a great photographer.  You may not realize the amount of good you do in the photographic world, but, to many photographers, you stand among the best.  And she has also joined a special elite group to continue to share her talents:  A unique group where only special photographers are invited to join and continue to share their talents.  These photographers are invited to join, and not just anyone can join this group.  It is a new group and she is one of the first few photographers who has been invited to be in this new group.  Congratulations Elisabeth for being one of the first few to be invited to join this group.


lis 28



lis 29



lis 30

Two, without tea.




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