Inspiration for your own photography is an ongoing challenge:

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Inspiration and Influence is an important part that every photographer, who wants to succeed, must think about every day.  Being motivated to pick up that camera and go out and create amazing photos every day, or every week, is an important part of the thought process of every photographer.  A good photographer must continue to think creatively in an ongoing process.   How do you find inspiration on a regular basis?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Always taking the same subjects, using the same lighting. Sticking with a composition style because you are comfortable with it. This will make you creatively stagnant. But how do you avoid that? Especially if you have enjoyed this method for some time.



Find motivation from other photographers work:

There are a lot of photographers that you can find on Facebook, or Instagram, that are probably some you really like.  But you probably can’t count the ones of food taken by somebody that looks good all the time, you have to get into the real good, serious photographers, that you know that are serious photographers that you like.  I have a few photographer friends that I love to look at their photo on Facebook.  I admire their work, and I admire their tenacity in their creations.  And I enjoy looking at their photos.  I asked one of them if they ever take bad photos, and he said: “more than I can count”.  That inspired me to know that even the good photographers take a lot of good photos before they post the good ones.

I also love the real professional photographers, those that get paid the big bucks for their name.  My favorite photographer right now is:  Art Wolfe.  See:

If you have not heard of Art Wolfe,  you have not heard of one of the big ones.  He has had his own TV show, and has been featured with National Geographic.  I think he can buy any camera equipment he wants, or maybe, the camera manufactures give him anything he wants, I don’t know.  But, looking at his photos is a pure pleasure and studying how he does his work is amazing.  His motto or trademark on his website:  “EXPLORE. CREATE. INSPIRE”.   That is what every good photographer needs to do.

Check Sources of the great photographers:

Where can you get inspired and see great photos of photographers:  When I want to get inspired I look at the following sources:

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  • Outdoor photographer
  • National Geographic
  • ProPhoto magazine
  • And other photo edition magazines  ( such as Life Magazine’s year in photos, or Time magazine’s year in Photos’s)
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Go to photographic exhibitions

When my wife and I go to towns that have a lot of museums, we prefer to go to photographic art galleries rather than the regular art museums.  There are always a few in those towns.  There you will be impressed to find galleries of amazing photos.

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When looking at photos right there in front of your face,  you can look at the details up close and see the composition, and then you can see what you can improve on.  It is really amazing the things you can learn from others photos.

Photography books

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A lesson to be learned:  a good cook always has several recipe books, a good photographer always has several photo books.

There are so many things about photography to learn.  If you have followed this blog, you could certainly learn a lot, for sure.  How can one person come up with so many different subjects about photography?  Well, I do find a lot of my ideas from other photographers and their ideas as well.  But, some good news as well:  I am approaching around 500 blogs that I have done, and I will be releasing my own books soon.  The first book will be a basic book about photography, one that will be a book that every new photographer should have to learn the basics of photography, and one you could keep with you for reference.  The second book will be one on the more advanced side of keeping motivated to keep going and stay motivated to do photography and more about the advanced photographer.  So watch out for those books.

But, really, you should go to a place that sells books, look through the ones that covers the details of how to get better with the many details of your camera for reference, and then one that teaches you more about how to become an artist.  Those books that will keep you motivated.  I am not going to recommend any (except mine, when it comes out).


Wrapping this up, it is totally up to you.  Each night as I get ready to do my blog, I look at other photographers blogs as well.  I know I am not the only fish in the sea.  I get motivated by the others who are out there as well.  I love the photos that are out there, and I learn from them as well.  I do my thing, and they do theirs.  We learn from each other as well.  The idea of staying inspired about photography is an idea that I know many photographers struggle with, including me, and I thought that it was time to remind us all how important it was.  I hope you don’t give up, because, it’s obvious that you have the talent for it, and you just need to keep pushing to stay motivated.  Do, what I do, and stay connected to those places that will keep you going.


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