Even Professional photographers come across some amazing photo opportunities



From the website:  PictureCorrect, comes a few photos that are collected from photographers who have come across some amazing photo opportunities.  Check these out:


Tulips are said to signify the arrival of spring, and photographer Albert Dros rightly captured the following photograph with the tulips blooming during a slightly foggy morning in Flevoland, Netherlands:


Endless Tulips on a Foggy Morning by Albert Dros

Dros loves to capture the tulip bloom every year in his home country, the Netherlands, and doesn’t find it boring at all as he puts an effort to capture them in different conditions. In this surreal photograph, he has photographed the tulips with some morning fog and small dew drops. With the sun in the background, the tulip petals are seen with a golden glow, which gives the atmosphere an even more magical feel.

To achieve this beautiful shot, Dros used a 12–24mm wide angle lens at f/14, about 25 centimeters away from the closest tulip, and he used focus stacking to get everything in focus from front to back.




Morning hours can really be  fruitful for a photographer—if you’re able to leave your bed early, that is. Albert Dros’s image truly supports this statement:


Windmill Rising from Fog in Netherlands by Albert Dros

Dros actually loves to shoot in these kind of conditions: early morning with a pink sky, lots of ground fog, and spring flowers. As his photo title suggests, the windmill does look like it’s leaving the ground to rise up from the fog underneath.

As for me, it reminds me of a scene from a pirate movie where a ship is breaking out from dense fog on the horizon and approaching the shore.





Believe it or not, today’s interesting photo is not ripped straight from a Disney film. Rather, critically acclaimed photographer Alex Nye used his craft to turn one of the most important moments of his life into something downright magical:


“Proposing to my girlfriend on a flower-covered mountain at sunset” by Alex Nye 

Reaching the peak of California’s Grass Mountain is no small feat, as the path quickly becomes steep and unruly. One can only imagine that the trek becomes even more challenging when clad in khakis and a button-down, towing along a camera and tripod. However, those willing to make the journey are rewarded with a commanding view of the sprawling Santa Ynez Valley. During a small window in spring, the 4.5 mile trail comes alive with vibrant poppies and lupine in bloom.

Under the guise of setting up for a timelapse landscape, Nye had his fiancee fooled that he was up to business as usual when he positioned his DSLR several yards away. So, when he did get down on one knee and present a ring amidst the beautiful scenery, the unsuspecting woman was as speechless as any other bride-to-be.

We wish the happy couple all the best in the years to come! Thanks to Nye’s precise planning and artistic prowess, this scene is one that we’re sure the two will treasure for a lifetime.




Sometimes you have to travel far and wide—and in this case very, very high—to get the perfect shot:


Yak in the Himalayas by Rajiv Sankarlall

Photographer Rajiv Sankarlall had the privilege of traveling to Himachal Pradesh, India to live as the monks do for a month. After getting over a pretty bad case of altitude sickness, he spent his time hiking around and photographing the amazing sights of the Himalayas. This amazing shot of a yak was taken in Spiti Valley, India at an altitude of about 12,000 feet.


  • Nikon D90
  • Lens: Rokinon 14mm Wide Angle
  • Aperture: f/9
  • Shutter Speed: 1/2000
  • ISO: 250





There’s a power and beauty like no other that exists in hunting dogs. Portrait and lifestyle photographer Andy Anderson explores hunting life on Pecan Island, Louisiana. See how this Labrador retriever sits still and alert in a canoe, waiting for the next catch:


Labrador Retriever on Pecan Island by Andy Anderson

“The best hunting dogs don’t just hunt with their noses. They understand terrain. They check in with their human counterpart to see if he knows something about where the birds might be hunkered down. They listen for hustling pheasants trying to make foot bail through the briars. Spend enough time with good hunting dogs, and you’ll see that they’re not just gifted with speed and heightened senses. They get cagey. They learn tricks and employ them. They learn to work smart and hard.”

– Grayson Schaffer (Outside Online)





It’s a common habit among photographers to always make a point to carry a camera around for those “just in case” moments. Many great photographs were captured this way and the image below is no exception. The photographer, based in the Netherlands, took the shot just as the sun was receding into the plane to create the stunning image:


This incredible sky and sunset illustrate why a good a photographer is never caught without a camera.

Using a Canon 650D and a Sigma 18-35mm, the photographer says he was enamored with the dramatic feel of the sky and took that into consideration when selecting the composition. He says the only editing he added to the image was a slight increase in clarity and contrast.


“The colors were like this in real life. It was an amazing evening. Will never forget it.”


It’s great to see some of the amazing photos that some pro photographers catch.  Thanks to PictureCorrect for sharing these photos.




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