Who can you learn from as a mentor in your photography?

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

We all have different types of photography that we love.  Where do we go to find a photographer that displays photos, or even perhaps may help you develop your talent in that type of photography?

There are many photo web sites that are dedicated to a photographer.  And their photos.  Would they be willing to help you?  That I am not certain.  But, at least you can follow their photography, and if you send them a message and ask them to help you, I have found that many photographers are willing to give you guidelines.   Do they want your competition?  That is not the issue.  They know what it took to get to their level, and most photographers are willing to help you get to that level.  In fact, they probably realize that most people aren’t willing to do what they did to get to their level.  If you are serious about getting to their level, then be serious before asking.  You will be surprised what type of commitment it takes to get to the level of some of these professionals I am going to introduce to you.

If you want to become a WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER:

I have a friend who is one of the best in the business, and may be able to tell you what it takes.  Go to:   https://robswildlife.com/

Mr. Grumpy Pants
Normally I never post images where you can’t see the eyes, but I had to make an exception for this Huge Male Bear 
This is one of the largest bears I have seen in person Katmai National Park, Alaska 
Release the Animals

This is one of his most recent photos.  Just got back from Alaska.  He spends a lot of time getting these kind of great photos.  He may be able to help you.   It takes real guts to get this kind of photo, but, so worth it.


If you want to become a PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER:

I have a couple of people you could contact:   It takes a lot to understand posing and to do it right.  Here is one person who had done a lot of portraits for many different types of people photography.  From babies, to weddings, to 50th wedding anniversary.

Go to:  http://wasatchportraitphotography.com/

loveless photo
Bridal photo by Kelly Loveless.  Copyright protected.


Kelly Lovelless photo
Another photo from Kelly Loveless photography.  Copyright protected.


Another portrait photographer, who specializes in just children Photography:

APRIL REEVES PHOTOGRAPHY:   http://www.aprilreevesphotography.com/

april reeves
Photo by April Reeves.  copyright protected.
april reeves 2
Another photo from April Reeves.  Copyright protected.

The above photographers, as  you can imagine, are very busy.  If they cannot help you, please, just go to their websites, and study the pictures they have for display.


If you want to learn to become a good STREET PHOTOGRAPHER:

A street photographer is a new and upcoming art form.  And it takes a special person to know how to do it well.  One of the best street photographers I know lives in France.  Her name is:  Elisabeth Engels.  If you know French, that is great, but she does speak some English.  Here is her website, and a couple of her pictures.   She is an award winning photographer in this field.

Her main website is on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Elisabeth-Engels-apprentie-photographe-411041342422858/

A great street photo, just capturing life everyday on the street.  Photo copyrighted.


elisabeth 2
Another great photo, capturing everyday life on the street.  Photo by Elisabeth Engels.  copyrighted.



If you would like to take pictures of ANIMALS:

This would be more like pets.  There is not a particular person or photographer that I have in mind, but there are community websites that you can go to, to study some great animal photos.  They are on Facebook, and you will love the great collection of animal photos.  These are community websites and many people post photos there of their pets and animals of all kinds.  Try these for learning:



joy of animals
They are all just too cute


If you are interested in becoming a master in LANDSCAPE OR SCENERY PHOTOGRAPHY:

Now there is a lot of photographers who specialize in this.  Here are a few websites to follow:

DUARTE SOL PHOTOGRAPHY:  He is one of the best in Portugal.  Every time he posts a photo on Facebook, I fall in love with his work.  He is considered one of the best photographers in Portugal.  His website is on Facebook:


duarte sol
The dramatic sea stacks of Ribeira da Janela on the north coast of Madeira island are always a place deserving a visit…specially when the God of Light´s give you a little hand…
Powered by: NiSi, FLM Photography, Canon/Portugal., MiopsTrigger, Terrascape Filter Bag and X-Rite Photo & Video
Duarte Sol Photography


Another great website I like is this one called:  EXPLORE LIGHT.   The photographer specializes in scenery and landscape photos, but uses different types of lighting in his creations.  So much to learn from that:


explore light
It seems pretty colourful but I’ve toned this one back colour wise. Hands down the most intensely colourful morning I have ever experienced in Dublin Bay. I presume you all know where its shot? 


If you want to learn from MACRO PHOTOGRAPHERS:

Go to this website:


macro world 1
Photo by Hiroshi Kuwada.
macro world 2
Photo by Hamato Amemiya.

That is the list of great websites that I think you can go to.  There are obviously other sites like travel sites, but that is more like scenery shots again.  And I also have some on some specialty strange ones, where the photographer specializes in doing some special effects photography.  But, that is really specialized.   If you would like information on some type of photography, go the comment section at the bottom of this blog, and I will be glad to find that for you.


Thanks so much for following along.  You are appreciated.



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