Photos of the Week: 7/12/2018 : Special Photo Gallery of the Canary Islands !!!

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Monday’s are better in the Canary Islands

Oh boy, another pictorial of some islands !!!  Why?  Because the islands are where most of dream of going.  The Canary Islands are different than what most of us think, because these islands are in the Atlantic Ocean.  Sometimes when we think of the most exotic islands, we think of Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, or some of the other pacific Islands.  In the Atlantic there are some other great islands as well.  Have  you ever thought of the Canary Islands?  These islands are very close to Spain.  In fact, they say that of the 10 best beaches in Spain, 6 of them are located on the Canary Islands.  How close is the Canary Islands to Spain?  Here is the map:


Well now, isn’t that interesting?  The Canary Islands aren’t even that close to Spain.  They are right off the coast of Morocco.  So, are they part of Spain, or Morocco?  Here is what the big Encyclopedia says about the Canary Islands:

The Canary Islands (/kəˈnɛəri/SpanishIslas Canariaspronounced [ˈizlas kaˈnaɾjas]) is a Spanish archipelago and autonomous community of Spain located in the Atlantic Ocean, 100 kilometres (62 miles) west of Morocco at the closest point. The Canaries are among the outermost regions (OMR) of the European Union proper. It is also one of the eight regions with special consideration of historical nationality recognized as such by the Spanish Government.[3][4]

–From Wikipedia


So, now that we are a bit familiar with the location of the Canary Islands, let’s see if they compare with the other beautiful islands of the sea:

canary 2

If you feel like a swim somewhere completely natural, head to Güigüi beach, head to west#GranCanaria


canary 3

If you feel like a swim somewhere completely natural, head to Güigüi beach, head to west#GranCanaria


canary 4

Good morning from #Lanzarote



canary 5

La Gomera is a privileged place for dolphin and whale spotting



canary 6

Nowhere better than Gran Canaria



canary 7

It was in the 18th Century that the first petroglyphs (rock engravings) were discovered in the Canaries, in Belmaco in the south-east of La Palma. Since then the place has become a reference point for all those interested in the region’s past. Ten natural caves and an area of rock paintings- with their many different interpretations – make up this archaeological site, which has been declared a Historical-Artistic Monument.

Everytime we visit La Palma I am amazed about the different climate zones for such a small Island. It’s like a mini continent. The steepest Island in the world  in my opinion also the best climate, never to cold and never to hot. An Island in the goldy lock zone on earth

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canary 9

The Las Playas Natural Monument protects one of#ElHierro‘s most surprising landscapes: the enormous marks left along the south-east coast by a series of massive landslides that affected part of the youngest of the Canary Islands. The result is an enormous amphitheatre, nine kilometres long and over 1,000 metres high, which faces out to sea captivates visitors, creating a secret tranquil space. Far from towns and villages, this is an ideal place for a very quiet holiday.


canary 10

The little park nortwest of Alfredo Kraus Audiotorium in Las Palmas..  And look how blue the ocean is there.   



canary 11

Vineyards Lanzarote


The archipelago’s beaches, climate and important natural attractions, especially Maspalomas in Gran Canaria and Teide National Park and Mount Teide (a World Heritage Site) in Tenerife (the third tallest volcano in the world measured from its base on the ocean floor), make it a major tourist destination with over 12 million visitors per year, especially Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.[8][9] The islands have a subtropical climate, with long hot summers and moderately warm winters.[10] The precipitation levels and the level of maritime moderation vary depending on location and elevation. Green areas as well as desert exist on the archipelago. Due to their location above the temperature inversion layer, the high mountains of these islands are ideal for astronomical observation. For this reason, two professional observatories, Teide Observatory on the island of Tenerife and Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on the island of La Palma, have been built on the islands.


canary 12

El Sabinar in #ElHierro, home to this tree and hundreds more ancient, living sculptures



canary 13

You know we always say that the Canary Islands are one of the most biodiverse spots on Earth: This is what that looks like in real life



canary 15

The Teno Rural Park in western #Tenerife includes the spellbinding Masca Ravine








canary 18

Evergreen cloud forest growing on the slopes of a volcano with trees that grow nowhere else on Earth: Walking in #ElHierro is quite something



canary 19

The Canary Islands are one of the most protected places in Europe 



canary 20

This is the capital ‘city’ of one of the Canary Islands but who knows which one?

What?  There is more than one capital City?

Here is the details:

From Wikipedia:       The capital of the Autonomous Community is shared by the cities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,[11][12] which in turn are the capitals of the provinces of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Province of Las Palmas. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been the largest city in the Canaries since 1768, except for a brief period in the 1910s.[13] Between the 1833 territorial division of Spain and 1927 Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the sole capital of the Canary Islands. In 1927 a decree ordered that the capital of the Canary Islands be shared, as it remains at present.[14][15] The third largest city of the Canary Islands is San Cristóbal de La Laguna (a World Heritage Site) on Tenerife.[16][17][18] This city is also home to the Consejo Consultivo de Canarias, which is the supreme consultative body of the Canary Islands.[19]



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Winter games where there is no winter. The#NotWinter Games go global. Follow them!

Wow, hardly looks like an island community.  That’s because there is so many people that live on these islands.

Check out these stats as of 2010 (and I’m sure it has grown since then):

Population of the individual islands[edit]

The population of the islands according to the 2010 data are:[65]



canary 23

Santa Cruz de La Palma has turned white today for the Los Indianos carnival festival



canary 24

Wish you were watching the sunset at Puerto Naos in #LaPalma?



canary 25

The Garajonay National Park, with its evergreen forests and rocky peaks, is a must visit Canary Islands spot! 



canary 26

The circular hike around Vallehermoso takes you through juniper groves, hamlets, and a hermitage and down to the beach



canary 27

Q. How much do you love the Canary Islands?
A. A yacht




canary 28

Find a dark spot tonight and look up into the night sky: The Geminid meteor shower should peak at around 02.00 with up to 200 shooting stars per hour 


So, there you have a good view of the Canary Islands.  If you compare it with the other islands you have seen in pictorials, what is your impressions?   Your comments are welcome.  The Canary Islands are certainly beautiful, and diverse.  Lots of variety in the terrain.  So, much to see and do.  So, is it a getaway you would like to do?


We will be doing other picture galleries of other islands in the sea, so you can get some comparisons.  We have done the following islands so far for you to compare:  Fiji, and the Falkland Islands.   Coming up:  Tahiti, Bermuda,  the Azores, and many others, including the famous Hawaiian islands.  Keep coming back to the Photos of the Week, on Thursday.

For more information and travel information about the Canary Islands, visit their main Facebook Website at:





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