Here is some low angle photography tips:

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We often take so many of our photos from eye level, that they really seem somewhat boring after while.  A new approach to your photography that will truly catch people’s interest is the low angle photography.  Who sees down that low, besides babies and bugs.  It might just open up a whole new world of ideas, and photos that not many photographers take.

In some of the best landscape photos taken today, you will notice that the photographer has tried to include a lot of the foreground in their landscape, almost to the point of getting on the ground themselves.  Notice that sometime as you look at a variety of real good landscape photographers.

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The bottom angle allows the viewer a fresh and different perspective of the same scene or situation. In many cases, this provides a vantage view of the location and allows the viewers to explore new perspective of the monument, landscape and sometimes events.

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Low angle photography can also be used in events and parties that are organized at various occasions. One more advantage, of low angle photography is to capture motion blur of the dancers and performers on the stage. The low angle perspective gives a fresh view-point to the audience and adds to the overall excitement of the event.


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Capturing children at play from their eye level or lower is yet another advantage of the low angle photography. Photographing children from standing position results in awkward angles and gives a ‘head-on’ perspective. The facial expressions and the innocence can be captured very well when the photographer explorers, experiments and implements low angle photography. When you are clicking photographs of children during any event or function, be sure to go down to their eye level and capture the moments. This will create high impact images, that will have a lasting impression.

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A useful accessory, in low angle photography is a small sturdy table top tripod of about 6″ (15 cm) in height. This provides more versatility and allows the photographer to capture steady shot in low light conditions like sun sets, twilight etc.

Photo by JC Essentials 😉; ISO 100, f/22.0, 15-second exposure.

Another important accessory that can be used is a remote control or time release controller to take photographs. Once the camera is mounted on the small table top tripod, the composition is finalized and actual shooting can be done from a comfortable distance by using a remote control device. Most of the modern Digital SLRs are compatible with either third-party remote controllers or from their respective manufacturers.

In some cases it may not been possible to shoot at low angles, like crowded markets, street photography or travel photography, it is always worth the time and efforts in exploring this type of photography to gain new perspective and take the photography to the next level of expertise.

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