Photos of the Week: 7/26/2018:  The beautiful Islands of the Bahamas:

The beautiful Islands of the Bahamas!  Do you really know all about them?  Well come aboard and see what there is to find out, in pictures and information:

If I was to ask the younger generation about where the Bahamas was located, I would get a variety of answers from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  They all seem to know that the Island of the Bahamas are some islands that seem exotic, and when they think of exotic islands they think they must be close to Hawaii.  Let’s get the record straight and find them first on the map:

map of bahamas
Well, check that out, it is located not far from the coast of Florida, and between Florida and Cuba. 

When I first look at the location of the Bahamas, I think it is in the direct path of Hurricanes.  Let’s see how they get along with that, and the ability to have a good time:

There are a lot of islands in The Islands Of The Bahamas – 700 in fact. Thirty islands are inhabited, and we’ve included information on 16 of the most visited ones here.
That means you have a wide range of vacation choices starting just 55 miles off the east coast of Florida.


bahama 1
Off the beaten path, Nassau’s beautiful parks are little known treasure. #Nassau — at Nassau, Bahamas.




bahama 2
Eleuthera, the wonderful. | Photo by: udpumberto — at Eleuthera



bahama 3
Find a whole new world beneath the crisp blue water. #FeelFree



bahama 4
On today’s to do nothing list. #TheAbacos | Photo: morgantrezek — in Abaco Islands.



The Bahamas became an independent Commonwealth realm in 1973, retaining the British monarch, then and currently Queen Elizabeth II, as its head of state. In terms of gross domestic product per capita, The Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas (following the United States and Canada), with an economy based on tourism and finance.



bahama 5
Get a friend with a boat: ✔️#TheBerryIslands | Photo: maudetalon — at Berry Islands.  Look how clear that water is just off this island.  Wow !



Disney has its own private island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay. It is located near Great Abaco Island and was formerly known as Gorda Cay. In 1997, The Walt Disney Company purchased a 99-year land lease for the cay from the Bahamian government, set to expire in 2096.




bahama 6
Someone will be enjoying this view today from a private Cabana on Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas exclusively for guests.
photo: Disney Cruise Line-Disney Parks Blog



bahama 7
3 Night Very Merrytime Bahamian Cruise: Your family of 4 can sail away during Thanksgiving Break on the Disney Dream. Enjoy your stops in Nassau and Castaway Cay and celebrate the holiday season on this festive cruise. For under $3700, your family can sail away with Santa and Mickey and friends for an unforgettable vacation.



bahama 8
Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay as we arrived for the day yesterday. This sight was just incredible!



NOW BACK TO THE OTHER PHOTOS OF THE BAHAMAS (Just imagine that Disney owns a whole Island.  That is one whole island in the Bahamas.  That has got to be nice, right?)


Bahama 9
Do you believe in magic hour? #Bimini — at Bimini, The Bahamas.  It appears to me that this is a place that photographers could go wild at.




bahama 10
It’s easy to believe you are the island’s only inhabitant. #LongIsland | Photo: jeingall — at Long Island, The Bahamas.



bahama 11
A palm tree palace on an island you’ll quickly call home. #Andros | Photo: nnekaj — in Andros, Bahamas.



bahama 12
Never more than a few steps away. #Eleuthera | Photo: _asiancuisine_



bahama 13
This weekend, we’re island hopping the islands and cays surrounding Harbour Island and Eleuthera, with our friends from Spanish Wells Fishing Charters.#AnIslandHoppingStory



bahama 14
We seem to have crashed a beach party, but I can’t say they look very concerned.#AcklinsAndCrookedIsland | Photo by: alyssa33188



bahama 15
A beautiful wreck. Photo: nicolas.thiou |



bahama 16
A favorite Christmas tradition of ours: the sand angel competition. Sending out warm holiday wishes to all!#TheBahamas Photo: elijackson |



bahama 17
A swingset in the ocean?  Now how fun would that be?


That is just a few of the many beautiful photos of the Bahamas.  A totally relaxing place, not crowded, and just wonderful, beautiful beaches and a great place to get away.

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