PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: FROM: Fotografia Realidade e Sonho

Photos of the Week: 8/2/2018:  From:  Photography Reality and Dream (English)


Every once in a while, I get an invitation to “like” a professional Photographers Facebook Like Page.  I look through them, and I get the nerve to ask them if I may put their photos on this “Photos of the Week” Promotion.  This person was very excited to do so, because of the amount of people that would see this, of course.  I have in excess of 26,000 followers now, and why not get some extra exposure?  At first we had difficulty speaking back and forth, but, thanks to Google Translate, we were able to get together and get the approval to put these amazing photos on this week’s “Photos of the Week”.

Please enjoy these photos!  They are absolutely amazing.  I feel very privileged to show these here and will give this post some extra support.

——Lanny Cottrell, Administrator






Bay of iguape waterfall-BA


In Brasilia



Salvador my love bahia



Art Museum of bahia







” I could paint all blue from heaven
I could fill the universe of life I wanted for me “
Flavio Venturini
Photo by Ely Mascarenhas



If all rivers are sweet, where does the sea take the salt?
How do you know the seasons you should change your shirt?
Why are they so slow in winter and so hectic after?
And how do the roots know they should rise up to light and greet the air with so many flowers and colors?
Is it always the same spring that repeats its role?
And Autumn?… does he arrive legally or is it an underground station?
Pablo Neruda
Photo by Ely Mascarenhas



No wonder the word calm has a soul inside it.
Every whole soul needs a real peace to stay calm.
No wonder the word heart has a prayer within it. Everything that touches us must be respected as a religion and sense with faith, like a pure prayer.
It is no wonder the verb amar has an entire sea within it. Only in the calm of the heart, that our prayer will lie in the soul and take us and bring on the horizon-sand path, renewing our beliefs.
And If, at last we understand that the most sacred things are the ones that bring our inner nature closer, we have half the path dreamed, we make any marquise on rainy day, a perfect roof, almost a nest.
And it is no wonder that when the seed is good, God helps to water quietly.
Lilian Vereza
Photo by Ely Mascarenhas







On the beach of Ondina Salvador Bahia



By Ely Mascarenhas
Fort of São Marcelo



Pelourinho Bahia
By Ely Mascarenhas



Good morning!
By Ely Mascarenhas



© Ely Mascarenhas







By Ely Mascarenhas 
A beautiful day for everyone



By Ely Mascarenhas



By Ely Mascarenhas
In Solar do unhão
Salvador Bahia



By Ely Mascarenhas
Street photography



Pelourinho In Salvador Bahia
By Ely Mascarenhas



By Ely Mascarenhas



Sun poem
By Ely Mascarenhas


All the above photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the photographer.

A special thanks to Ely Mascarenhas for allowing me to post her photos on this page.  She has joined with many other photographers to post their photos on her website and they have amazing photos as well.  I have not received permission to show their photos here, but, if you want to see more of Ely’s photos, plus other photographer’s great photos, then go to her website at:


Thank you Ely  !!!





2 Comments on “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: FROM: Fotografia Realidade e Sonho

  1. Eu que agradeço pelo cuidado de reunir as fotos e por ter preservado os poemas que associei a elas. Ficaram muito belas em seu site. A fotografia para mim é uma paixão que permite compartilhar um olhar amoroso sobre a vida e a natureza. É técnica e arte mostra o que pretendo revelar de uma forma surpreendente, pois, para cada pessoa existe uma interpretação e um sentido particular atribuído a uma foto.Fotografia eterniza momentos e se torna atual pois inclui a dinâmica da vida a partir da interatividade dos olhares de quem produz imagens e de quem as vê.

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