Photos of the Week: 8/16/2018:  A gallery of amazing photos from Alaska:

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I don’t know of anyone who has gone to Alaska and hasn’t come back with the most amazing photos of the most gorgeous landscape photos in the world.   I think that too many people miss this great country.  The beauty, the harshness of it all, yet, so untouched still.  This State of Alaska is so big, it still is yet so undiscovered.  And it still seems that photographers have still yet found it to be new to them.  They find the scenery new, and so beautiful, that every photo is breathtaking (to those who know how to capture it).

Let’s show you some of the most amazing photos you will see.  And be aware that the wildlife here is not very welcoming yet.  So, this is truly their country, and you are invading their beautiful habitat.  So, enjoy this wonderful gallery of photos.  “Photos of the Week” for August 16th, 2018.


alaska 2
“August 11, 2018…. Matanuska Glacier…. “
— Linda Gregg Davidovics Post

After going through a complete summer almost, we can still take pictures of one of the largest glaciers in the U.S?   Amazing that there is still so much ice left.  And this rugged mountain scene is certainly breathtaking as well.


alaska 3
King of the north!! 

Alaska is known for having some of the largest Salmon in the world.  World class fisherman come here to fish for these huge Salmon.  When you get done cutting  up this fish, you truly have salmon steaks.


alaska 4
Yesterday morning you saw what it looks like high above Eklutna Lake! This morning, you get a glimpse of what it is like standing on the shore. The still, calm waters of the lake greeted us as we started out our hike early in the morning. The sun, just barely above the mountains, began spreading its light across the lake and the reflections were almost perfect. Beginning the day like this was incredible!
Brent Reynolds Photography

Notice how big the lakes are here in Alaska.  Often times I see pictures of lakes in Alaska, and I think it is an extension of the ocean.  But, most of the lakes here are just big.  It just gives you an idea that everything is big in Alaska.



alaska 5
Denali National Park and Preserve 🙌
#SharingAlaska by Milo Burcham

You know, GM has a vehicle named Denali, after this beautiful park.  Denali is one of the biggest National Parks in Alaska.  A big park, and GM makes it one of their biggest vehicles.  Interesting.  But, what a beautiful area.



alaska 6
“Yesterday’s nine hour opener at Kitoi yielded a harvest of 538,000 pink salmon!”
#SharingAlaska by Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association
 — in Kodiak, Alaska.



alaska 7
“Yesterday’s nine hour opener at Kitoi yielded a harvest of 538,000 pink salmon!”
#SharingAlaska by Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association
 — in Kodiak, Alaska.

If you have not seen a moose before, they can certainly be intimidating.  They are huge, and they don’t like you to be around.  So, if you ever encounter one, make sure you keep your distance, and use a very big lens.



alaska 8
Stunning picture of a glacier dog camp! 
#SharingAlaska by Ron Gile
 — in Mendenhall Glacier.

Oh yeah, Alaska’s north end of the state is cold.  In fact, I think Santa lives up there somewhere.



alaska 9
Oh yeah, if a moose is intimidating, this big bear is even worse.  He thinks you are dinner.  So,  this is another one you want to avoid.  And they aren’t friendly like they are in Yellowstone.



alaska 10
Over the mountains and through the woods….
💙 Alaska💙
Tami Biorn Photography

It seems that most of the mountains in Alaska are just huge, always covered with snow, and always just beautiful.  Most people around there say, you will never find mountains like this.  And they are probably right.



alaska 11
Fantastic view of the pipeline! 
#SharingAlaska by Roger Marty

The ever controversial oil pipeline.  Yup, that Alaskan country has gold in that ground, and it’s called oil.  And it’s piped down through Canada down to the U.S.   Makes the countryside just pretty doesn’t it?



alaska 12
Fantastic view of the pipeline! 
#SharingAlaska by Roger Marty

I am sure that this just one of many waterfalls seen throughout this State.



alaska 13
Views on the Alaska Railroad 😍
#SharingAlaska by Rob Daugherty

The Alaska Railroad is a Class II railroad which extends from Seward and Whittier, in the south of the state of Alaska, in the United States, to Fairbanks, and beyond to Eielson Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright in the interior of that state.



alaska 14
Never get tired of this.
-Hiram Grant‎



alaska 15
As you get a little further north in Alaska, you will run into this bear.  And yes, they are cute, but, they are hungry and you look really yummy to them too.  The famous white polar bear.  



alaska 16
Energy Burst…
Sportsmans Hub

Oh, did I ever tell you that bears run fast?  Yeah, they have 4 legs, and you only have 2.  The only hope you have is that you run faster than the other person with you.



alaska 17
Giant creatures roam the streets of Anchorage…
#SharingAlaska by Dawn Warren Frazier

Here is a great example of the size of these moose.   When their shoulder is higher than a car.



alaska 18
Amazing Capture Of Denali. Photo Taken By @mindz.eye (IG)



alaska 19
This is Alaska 🙌🏼
Sharing Alaska by Lena Stevens
 — in Eagle River, Alaska.



alaska 20
Water falls from Byron Glacier.
Ryan Corlis Photography




alaska 21
“Is it thawing season yet?”
Wood frogs in Alaska freeze nearly solid in the winter until they thaw seven months later. Then they hop away..
Photo: Deborah Netburn




alaska 22
Black Capped Chickadees can be found throughout the state of Alaska



alaska 23
Glacier Bay, Alaska!



alaska 24
Each year Alaska is seeing more melting in Glacier National Park

This you will see if you ever take one of those ocean cruises up through the Alaska island areas.  Amazing to see a big chunk of ice just fall off a glacier.



alaska 25
Have you ever stood behind a frozen waterfall? 
#SharingAlaska by lifetime adventures
 — at Knik Glacier.



alaska 26
 “Now did she say turn left at the corner, then 2 rights then a left at the tree or was it…dang, I’m going to be late for the bee party again!



alaska 27
8 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes, 13 seconds! Congratulations to Mitch Seavey, record-breaking winner of the 2017 Iditarod, for being the oldest champion at 57! — in Nome, Alaska.

There have been movies made about this dog race.  Only in Alaska will you find this kind of amazing dog sled race that has become this popular.  This is one crazy race for sure, and and endurance race for both dog and the human.



alaska 28
2018-07-21. When “Up and Down” are the same and the water and sky blend together as one. I can paddle on the water and on the rest stroke float through the clouds. 
Portage Lake in Portage Valley, Alaska.
Alaska Shots by Tom Jack

That water on that lake is so still, you would almost hate to throw a rock in it, or to take a boat on that lake in fear you would upset the beauty of the mirror image that is before your eyes.  A true work of art that God has put there for you to enjoy.




alaska 29
Caribou at dusk
Photo: Jim Zuckerman

Another new animal that grazes across the plains of Alaska and Canada.  Their herds sometimes get into the thousands.   This is the meat for a lot of predators in Canada, and Alaska as they roam, usually in such big herds, they seem easier to get when there are so many.



alaska 30
“Doesn’t get much more Alaskan than this! Fireweed inches closer to signifying summer’s end as the Little Su River makes its way through the mountains.” — Danny Ungrue



alaska 31
Alaska -North to the future..
Photo: Jeannette West




alaska 32
Evening light on Point Retreat and Eagle Glacier. — in Auke Bay, Alaska.
-Ray Bulson
 — with Maria Gloria.



alaska 33
Dr. Seuss would have loved this Alaskan house!
Photo: Lauren Piro



alaska 34
“Cotten candy skies over Wasilla, Alaska about a week ago.” 
— Ian Esk Merculieff
 — with Bruno Tenucci.



alaska 35
Sunrises make for a great start to a great day! 
#SharingAlaska by Crystal Hrabosky
 — at Hatcher Pass Alaska.




This is just a small amount of the great amount of photos that are available to see about Alaska.  I think that the amount of photos that have been produced about Alaska is phenomenal.   This State of Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.  I hope the people of Alaska enjoy what they have there.

The photos that were used in this gallery were taken from 2 different websites.  If  you would like to see more of these amazing photos please go to the following websites to get more great photos of Alaska, or details of how to go there yourself.







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