The Annual Worldwide Photo Exhibition is only a Week Away !  Here’s what to expect:


New cameras and lenses, inspiring images and events, technologies that enable entirely new image worlds – photokina is much more than a show of new products. We introduce ten trends that one can only see and experience in this concentrated amount only in September in Cologne. photokina does credit to its role as the world’s leading trade fair for imaging.

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Trend 1-  Hobby photographers today are taking advantage of high performance professional equipment.  The technical refinement of current camera models, and especially those models being introduced at the new Photokina is absolutely top class.  There have never been so many cameras with so much high degree of performance than in the history of photography.  This is why it has never been so easy to take magnificent photos at a professional level.


Trend 2-  The future of cameras is Mirrorless.  10 years after the first mirrorless camera was introduced, the mirrorless camera has grown up.  Even experienced pros rely on them, because they are more compact and flexible.  A large growing stock of lenses and accessories allows the right amount of equipment for every motif.  It’s no wonder that even the bigger lens manufactures like Sigma and Tamron are introducing lenses now for this segment of the market.  The Photokina will be the big push to see all the latest in mirrorless product.


Trend 3 –  Instant images are no longer just “kid” best friend.  To see a photo just after you took the picture is truly amazing.  Especially for young girls.  And thanks to the big guns who made it all happen years ago:  Polaroid, Fuji, Instax, the fascination continues.  With new formats and new cameras, it’s becoming bigger and better than ever.   This will be a big trend and you will see some big new ideas at Photokina.


Trend 4 – Intelligent algorithms for even better photos.   The motif recognition if smartphones and cameras in all leading manufactures ensures perfect image results.   Automatic processes perfect lighting, contrast, and colors in current imaging processing from software like that from Skylum.  How can aritificial intelligence help you?   Intelligent algorithms will be a big factor that will be shown here at Photokina.


Trend 5-  New fantastic compact cameras.   Big Sensors,  and all the things that were put into the  larger DSLR cameras and ever hoped for in the bigger cameras are all in the new smaller compact cameras.  Including 4K video and WI-FI transmission.  The Panasonic TZ202 shown here, has all the bells and whistles, but now it is even lighter than ever, and now it seems to make it so much easier to take the camera and all the equipment with you.  A wonderful new trend.


Trend 6 – 4K video opens up a whole new world of video to photographers.  With this quality of Video, a photographer can take just 1 image from the video and can easily take that image and make a photo from it and get a good quality image and make a 320dpi print from that frame.  So much opportunity awaits the photographer.   This trend will be showing the photographer at Photokina.


Megatrend 7 –  The enjoyment of the printed photo – is going to become a bigger trend for photographers.  The photographer will be shown how to do murals, photo books, and better enlargements on specialty papers, etc.  The way to make enlargements and better prints will be shown at Photokina.



Trend 8-  High speed, quicker than the eye.  We have seen this evolve lately with cameras.  Faster shutter speeds, and faster motor drives, and higher ISO capabilities.  It is mind boggling what the cameras have become.   Check out the newer cameras, and their capabilities at Photokina.


Trend 9-  Accessories for unique images –  Along with all these new cameras and lenses, the accessory business has exploded as well.  New carbon fiber tripods,  the latest flash units, more creative bags and back packs, and creative filter systems have extended the horizon of the photographic equipment world.  See all the new stuff at Photokina.



Trend 10 –  The square format –  Instagram started the square format.  And that format is starting to show some strength in growing.  Why?  Because it tends to just center your subject and focus your whole photo into the main center subject.  There will be a section covering that subject at Photokina.  




And I will be keeping track of any announcements or amazing products that will happen at Photokina, which starts next week.  So, keep tuned to this blog for the latest.




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