Get Creative with posing your little goblins:

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I think we all have seen the “smile, look at mommy” photos.  If  you were to be creative a bit, the photos will seem to be so much more fun.   Tell a story with your photos.  The above photo just says:  “Off they go to do trick or treating”.  You know who they are, and you start the story of your children’s Halloween holiday.


If you went all out on the costume this year, have your child act out their character.  Don’t just have them pose on the front porch with their candy bag, have them get into their character.  They would love it more than you will when they see their photo come back.  They will think they are a model.  And it works both ways:  boy or girl.  They will want to show their friends.


Some parents go all out to do their own make-up on their kids, and then it’s only natural that you take the time to show off your make-up skills.  This is a time when the children are also very proud of what they have become.  When the art-work is done and they look in the middle, they truly feel like they have become an animal.  Have you ever asked a child if they want their make-up taken off?  NO WAY !  They usually love this so much that they have become something of a dream.  Parents, this is a time you can be proud to show off your art work, and then to realize that the child is so proud too.  Occasionally, you will get a child who does not want anything to do with this, but, that is rare.  Then you just have to get rid of it.


If you feel your children are too young to go by themselves then as parents, join in and make it a party.  It will mean more to the children if mom or dad, or both are all joining in with the children to be part of this situation.  Why is the child all getting dressed up and mom and dad are not?  So, they are really confused about this when they are really young.  So, it makes sense, and you will really enjoy this being with your child if you go out with them as a strange character too.   This makes much more sense than taking them to the zoo, when they don’t really understand what that is all about.  This way they will see that you are part of this big play thing.

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For those of you who have the tradition of carving pumpkins, real pumpkins, then it just makes sense to get a photo of the actual experience.  I don’t know any child who doesn’t get some joy in getting their hands into this mess.  I don’t know why children love a mess, but, pumpkins are the thing, and it makes for a great story.

And then when you get it all done, even though it may not be Halloween yet (as we do this several days before Halloween), light the candles, and put them in their place on the front porch and get their reaction of them seeing their pumpkin all lit up.  What great faces when they see their creation all done.

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Just like Christmas, this is now one of those holidays that the children love.  It is a big, big holiday for children.  Take lots of great photos of children.  This is for little children, and big children, and children who never grow up.

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