Ideas of taking pictures of your cat:

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There are two kinds of pet owners in the world, the dog lover and the cat owner.  Extremely high ownership in both sides.  Why?  Because these two pets have a unique way of showing love back to their owners, unlike a bird or a snake or a turtle (although there may be people who disagree).  But really, they snuggle, they love hanging around their owners, they adore their relationship with their owners and they are more of a true friend than a friend.  They will never betray you. It is no wonder that these pets are well loved by their owners.

Many people are allergic to cats, and dogs are the other option.  But, those who are not allergic to cats have a wonderful time with cats.  When they are young and just kittens, they can entertain you for hours with their playful antics.  They will attack your toes for no reason at all.  They can watch birds in the window sill for hours and hours.  They will often find yarn or something small and chase it and play catch with it until they think it is dead.  It is amazing their fun playful ways.  And it is at this time the best to start capturing their cute playfulness.

  1. The first thing you want to try to do, if you don’t become part of their plaything, is to get down to their level.  This makes the photo more real.  If you take a picture of them at your standing level, then it’s just another snapshot that no one finds interesting.  Check out the differences.
jumping cute playing animals
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kitten playing



2- The other thing that you will love to take pictures of is almost like taking pictures of a baby when they are sleeping.  For some reason, they are just adorable when they are asleep just like a little human baby.  You just can’t help but think that a kitten isn’t one of the most adorable things when they are asleep.  When you take a picture of a kitten, they may be just as a little child and wake up by the noise of a camera.  If you can get a bigger lens and not be so close to the kitten, then perhaps you won’t wake up the kitten with the noise.  So, be aware of that.  But, getting in close to the kitten is always something special:

cat sleeping
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adorable animal art bowl
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3-  But as your cat gets older, and it gets done with that playful part of life, and it tends to just be your friend, it is important to capture those moments when it seems like you can relate to it becoming an adult, like you!  When it just wants to hang out with you, and snuggle with you when you get home from work, or wherever.  How do you do that when you are the one taking the pictures?   Have someone else do it for you.  Also, get pictures of what it does during the day when you are not snuggling:

cat and person



cat and owner 1



cat during the day


4-  The other key to taking great photos of your cat is to take a lot of photos.  Cats will not pose for a photo like a dog.  They will not do what you want them to do when you want them to do it.  So, have your camera ready at all times.  They will do the craziest things at any random moment.  Some of the funniest things will be at the time when you least expect it.  They will often jump a mile if they are scared and if you ever get a photo of that, you will be a genius.   So, keep on trying and enjoy putting a whole album together of your favorite cat photos.

Here are a few more great cat photos that I thought were just the best:

cat funny 1








Enjoy taking pictures of your cat.  And  you know everybody loves great pictures of cats.





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