29 mysterious places that will be hyped in 2019

If you want to travel in 2019, but would rather take the road less traveled and discover places that even Google Maps can’t quite locate, you will love the following 29 countries and regions. Here are 2019’s best travel destinations for people who want to discover them before anyone else:

Sri Lanka

This might be the last year Sri Lanka is an up-and-coming destination, as it was just named Lonely Planet’s #1 country to visit in 2019 in its famous “Best in Travel” list. The country offers culture, wildlife, waterfalls, plantations, great food and beaches, as well as a rich history, including beautiful temples: there’s something there for everyone.  

Nepal is, of course, known for Kathmandu and is popular with adventure tourists heading up to the Everest base camp. The city was greatly affected by an earthquake in 2015, but it is now on the mend, and even made it to the top cities to visit in 2019 in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel.

Peru’s Amazon is the #2 place to visit in 2019 according to National Geographic, as the north of the country is still widely unknown. But this region is just one of many spectacular places in this South American country. Of course, a visit to Peru would not be complete without seeing the Machu Picchu and visiting Lima and Cuzco.

Morocco is another destination that is starting to become more and more mainstream. It offers both history and beauty. Amongst the most popular things to do there are visiting Marrakech’s medinas, heading to the blue city of Chefchaouen and relaxing on the beaches of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

Maldives, French Polynesia

Once strictly a luxurious destination, this bucket-list destination is more affordable than ever thanks to new hotels popping up. The Maldives, in French Polynesia, attract travellers who wish to relax in a unique and exotic location. Plus, on July 2, 2019, a solar eclipse will pass over the Tuamotu Archipelago, darkening the skies for just over three minutes.

Jordan has been on people’s bucket lists for a long time because of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, and more and more people are starting to head there for a vacation.
The Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, is also worth a visit. Adventure travellers will appreciate the Jordan Trail, a 36-day adventure spanning 650 km (404 miles)

Offering a unique blend of Balkan, Mediterranean and Italian influences for much cheaper, Albania is still a widely unknown destination. 2019 is the perfect year to visit, before word gets out. Head there to discover the country’s unique cuisine, beautiful mountains and archaeological sites.

Bangladesh is the world’s eighth-most populated country, but it is not yet a very popular destination with tourists (which means it’s also quite inexpensive!). Those who go will be rewarded with diverse cities, Asia’s longest uninterrupted beach, national parks and World Heritage sites.

Turkey went through some difficult years politically, but travellers are now returning to it, heading to Istanbul, going on a balloon flight in Cappadocia or simply taking advantage of the lower value of the Turkish lira to shop and eat.


It costs US$250 per person per day to visit Bhutan, which has a “low volume, high quality” tourism strategy. Often dubbed the last great Himalayan kingdom, it offers visitors plenty to see, including Buddhist temples and great food.

China is a very big country offering plenty of diverse experiences for travellers. From the UNESCO-listed Stone Forest to Shēnzhèn, often dubbed the “Silicon Valley” of China, to the famous Great Wall, there is no shortage of things to see and do.

Slovenia could be compared to Switzerland, but with a more affordable price tag and fewer tourists: it also offers beautiful alpine scenery, rivers and lakes, castles, and of course, world-class food. Hop on a train to discover this Central European country a different way.

Alaska, United States
Alaska is a perfect destination for nature lovers, especially those who enjoy cruising, which will be a big tourism trend in 2019. Its icy fjords and snowy mountains are a sight to be seen, and once on land, beautiful villages, long roads and wildlife make for an adventure that does not seem possible in the United States.


Once a country stricken with internal wars and a terrible genocide, Rwanda is becoming more and more of a touristic destination, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, wildlife and more. This is also one of a handful of places where it is possible to see mountain gorillas, as well as the Big Five.


With sights such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and the Abu Simbel temples, Egypt is well known, but remains filled with mystery. In early 2019, the 485,000-square-metre (5.2-million-square-foot) Grand Egyptian Museum will open; head there to try to understand the great workmanship from thousands of years ago.

Ethiopia offers a very different experience than other countries in eastern Africa. Still unspoiled, but on the verge of discovering tourism, it has a fascinating history and a strong culture. Amongst the things not to miss are Gondar’s castles, Simien Mountains National Park and Lalibela’s monolithic churches. In January, Gondar’s Timkat Festival, the three-day celebration of the Epiphany, makes for a unique experience.

Georgia—the country, not the state—has been flying under the radar for quite some time. This is bound to change! Amongst the mysterious places to visit, Ureki apparently has magnetic properties with healing powers. The Caucasus mountains, the village of Sighnaghi and surrounding wine region, as well as the delicious food are just some of the other reasons to visit.

Poland is becoming more and more popular with tourists, but it still remains largely unknown. Amongst the places not to miss are the capital, Warsaw, Łódź, which is going through an industrial transformation, and Gdańsk, to see the original Fahrenheit thermometer.

Faroe Islands
If Iceland was on your bucket list, but you prefer less-crowded and less-known destinations, head to the Faroe Islands, which are a part of Denmark. The region offers the same beautiful nature, waterfalls and scenery, minus the traffic.


The Baltic Nation of Latvia offers plenty of pristine beaches and beautiful cities and towns (offering everything from Soviet architecture to art nouveau buildings). Old Riga, less touristy than other European capitals, is filled with beer gardens and has a blooming coffee scene.

Regardless of the type of holiday you’d like to have—camping in the desert, scuba diving, fossil hunting or more—you’ll find something to do and enjoy in… Oman. This little-known Arabian country has a lot to offer, from its rich heritage to diverse touristic activities to great hotels.


In June 2018, the Belize Barrier Reef System was removed from the UNESCO World Heritage Site danger list. Belize has made waves—pun intended—with its environmental efforts, including a planned government ban on single-use plastic-foam cups and plastic products by Earth Day 2019 (in April). Take advantage of these changes to jump in the water!


A small Balkan country encircled by Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, Macedonia is a place to visit to admire beautiful scenery. Its mountains, gorges, waterfalls and lakes make for great outdoor adventures.

Montenegro is attracting more and more tourists because of its absolutely stunning panoramas, especially on the Adriatic coast. It is home to no less than six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but because it is still relatively unknown, the crowds are less dense than they are in other European countries.


The secret is out since Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, was named the “Best Value Destination” in Lonely Planet 2018’s Best in Travel, but the small Northern European country is still worth a visit for a different and laid-back holiday.

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is a destination that will please adventure travellers. It is possible to try heli skiing, kayaking amongst icebergs, or dogsledding. It is, of course, a great place to admire the northern lights, especially in Northeast Greenland National Park, the world’s biggest national park.

Zimbabwe, along with Zambia, is one of the two countries from which the majestic Victoria Falls can be admired. Now that Robert Mugabe has been ousted as President, things seem to be on the mend politically, making it a perfect opportunity to visit and discover its national parks and World Heritage-listed archaeological ruins


After the 2018 World Nomad Games, a competition dedicated to traditional sports, Kyrgyzstan is now on a lot of travellers’ radars. This also means that the country has been upgraded with a lot of infrastructure, which makes it a great time to visit.


Still largely unknown, Belarus has started to attract travellers with its art and coffee scene. Minsk, its capital, will also play host to the 2019 European Games. The city, with its beautiful Old Town, is also home to plenty of beer gardens, cocktail bars and summer street parties.

There are the 29 most mysterious places, yet up and coming destinations to visit. In other words, these places are bound to become some of the more popular places on the tourist destination hit places to visit.

Some of these places seemed unknown to me. Maybe in future blogs, we can go into more detail about some of these countries.

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