We have all heard of the Canary Islands and have seen the beauty, but, I have discovered some of the rare photos of the Canary Islands that make this presentation unique because of the rare and exciting photos I have found for the presentation of ”PHOTOS OF THE WEEK”.

f you’re familiar with any of Spain’s Canary Islands, it’s likely to be Tenerife, the biggest in the island chain. But Fuerteventura boasts its own craggy charm. The tourist infrastructure on the archipelago’s second-largest island is less developed compared to its larger cousin, so there’s a more laid-back feel to many of the villages along Fuerteventura’s stunning coastline. And if you feel like wandering, there’s plenty of coast to explore: The island offers the longest stretches of sand in all of the Canaries, with more than 150 named beaches. Bonus: The climate here is so mild that Fuerteventura has been dubbed ‘the island of eternal spring.’
Lanzarote Canary Islands
El Hierro Canary Islands

Garajonay National Park, Gomera, Canary Islands – Pixdaus

La Gomera Canary Islands

What a beautiful view. Look at this beautiful tropical island with a mountain so high, it has snow on it.

In the Shadow of Giants: searching for surf along the Canary Islands – Surfsauros

Spain – Canary Islands – Gran Canaria island

Vineyards in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Tenerife Canary Islands

El Hierro Canary Islands

So that is just a few of the photos that you don’t normally see when you look at general photos of the Canary Islands. They are very diverse in beauty and they are not a crowded place in some spots. I believe I have done a blog on the Canary Islands before, and once I found that they are part of Spain, it was interesting to find that the people of Spain use these islands as a place to getaway from their mother country and on weekends, or holidays, these islands can have literally millions of people on these islands. So, when I discovered these photos of relatively untouched places of the Canary Islands, I had to show you the other beauty of the islands. I hope you enjoyed these photos as the “photos of the Week”.

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