Idaho doesn’t get that much publicity here in the United States. It doesn’t have any huge, well known ski resorts, or big cities. But most people think of Idaho as a place next to Yellowstone, or on the way to Oregon, or, just a state you are passing through to somewhere else. But for those who live in Idaho, maybe they are glad you haven’t discovered some of their hiding spots, some of those magnificent, beautiful untouched, gorgeous spots of scenery yet. Some of the best fishing spots in the west, the places that rival all the other well known National Parks in the West. Maybe they just want to keep it quiet, and enjoy the beauty all to them selves.

Well, I wanted to take a moment and share with you that maybe you should stop and smell the roses. Idaho has some of the most beautiful scenic National Parks in the United States. And let’s take a look at just one of those spots right now:


  • Rated #1 of 17 best places to go and do things in Idaho
  • Over 300 lakes just within this wilderness area
  • Over 40 beautiful trails to choose from
  • An incredible amount of wildlife to photograph

Let’s get to some of the photos coming out of this amazing area:

Photo taken about half way up Elephant’s Perch(The big orange rock formation)

Little Alice Lake, Sawtooth Mountains

By Rachel Levin
I am in Lemonade Heaven. Rocking in a wooden chair, on a wide front porch lit by the late-afternoon sun, pointed at a picture-perfect row of 10,000-foot granite peaks.
Oh, if Norman Rockwell could see me now, he’d bail on the Berkshires and hightail it out West to the Idaho Rockies. To the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. To the dusty gateway “town” of Stanley (population 100). And up a long gravel drive to Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, where the fresh-squeezed lemonade—which I pour from the spout of a big oak barrel, and mix, whenever I feel like it, with iced tea from the equally cold barrel beside it—tastes particularly good. Like, I’m addicted good.
Photo by Tim and Amanda Watson

Iron Creek to Sawtooth Lake
Photo by Jarret Mitchell

Always a photographers paradise

A view from Goat Creek

Arrow a ranch

The Sawtooth Range sits in the distance in a meadow, in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area of Stanley, Idaho.

Spring flowers with one of 300 lakes in the background

Flowers on top of the mountain range in the Sawtooth Mountains

Rocky mountain wildflowers

Heading towards Llano, I stopped by one of my favorite locations for intimate bluebonnet photography. Here, the landscape of the Hill Country spreads out in the distance, but the bluebonnets and other Texas wildflowers have filled in along a small spring that keeps the area moist.

Magic Pink rhododendron flowers growing on this mountain in the Sawtooth range

A badger spotted in the sawtooth mountains. This is one mean animal you want to stay away from

Moose is a common animal in the Sawtooth mountains. If you spot one with their babies, just take photos, and stay away.

Up in the higher parts of the mountains is the only place to these rare animals.

The dark grey wolf is licking his lips.

Finally, one more last look at the Sawtooth lakes, and mountain range. One of the best hikes in Idaho, Or maybe even in the world.

So, Idaho is one beautiful place to go and visit, with just about every type of beauty on the earth to see. If you are thinking of going to Yellowstone, maybe you should consider this along the way. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

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