Photos of the Week: 3/7/2019: Amazing winning photos from the Smithsonian that just make you smile:

This one image comes from winner of the amazing internet portfolio titled: “HELP” . Photo by: Tibor Kercz/ Comedy Wildlife Photo awards

The laughing doormouse worked it’s way into the category: “On the Land”. Photo by: Andrea Zampatti / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

This photo won in the category: “In the Air” Photo by: John Threlfall / Comedy Wildlife Photo awards

This photo won in the category: “Under the Sea” Photo by: Troy Mayne / Comedy Wildlife photo awards

“Highly commended” award titled: Ready for church. Photo by: Carl Henry

A wildebeest gets a leg up on the crowd. Photo by: Jean Jacques Alcalay

Photo by Katy Laveck. These monkeys are having fun in Indonesia.

Armed with their cameras and a passion for animals, wildlife photographers strive to capture the beauty and majesty of the natural world. And while beauty and majesty are great, sometimes you just want to see a fox pooping in the hole of a golf course. Now, as Rebecca Hersher reports for NPR, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is here to fill that desire. They’ve announced the winners of its 2017 competition, capturing the animal kingdom in all its goofiness.

The project’s mission is simple: to stage a competition that is “light hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things.” Contest organizers also hope that the winning images of hilarious and adorable animals will inspire people to “talk about the dire need for us all to be conservationists in our own little way.”

This sea otter seems to be cheering for joy. Photo by Penny Palmer.

“WTF” Photo by George Cathcart.

Photographer: Daisy Gilardini captures this photo of a baby bear hitching a ride .

“Caught in the Act” catching the fox at the right time. Photo by: Douglas Croft

All photos were also compliments of the Comedy Wildlife Awards.

These type of photos are difficult to do, as you would have to have all the elements in place: good composition, good lighting, and timing. Congratulations to all the winners above.

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