If you think landscape photography is the easiest of all the photo subjects to get into, think again. I am showing some of the best landscape photos there are right now, and, I am telling you right now, that it takes years of knowledge, practice and training to get photos like this.

And if you love this kind of landscape photo, you have to realize that you don’t sleep in for this. The best landscape photographer is up early, early, early to get photos like these.

Photo by Fredrik Strømme

Is this a painting? No, it is a photo, and a very good landscape photographer created this photo. So, this takes many years of training to get this kind of art. Photography is an art.


So, you’re thinking of becoming a street photographer? What are the most important things to get you started? Find out!

As with every type of photography, if you’ve never done it before, you have a choice of either preparing for it through research until you’re ready to give it a try or simply jumping into it. This is exactly what Frederik Trovatten, now a passionate Danish street photographer living in Mexico City, did.

Street photography is taking photos of people and seeing the everyday life of people who are there all the time on the street. It can be the everyday business person, or it can be the person who tries to make a living on the street. But, every street photo, tells a story.

Sometimes an image like this off the street may leave an imprint in your mind that you will talk about for the rest of the day. What other photo will you see today, that you will talk about all day? That is what street photography can be.


Portrait photography is a real art. How to take photos of people, and learn the art of posing, and gain confidence in people so they will pose in a way to make them look their best. That alone is an art form.

With portrait photography, you have to learn the art of lighting, the art of shadows, and all that. That kind of stuff goes back to Rembrandt and the famous artists of old. Learning the true art form of people. This is a tough subject and people that learn all that correctly, deserve to make a lot of money.

Leonardo-Dicaprio-by-Annie-Leibovitz (1)

Learning how pose a person correctly in the frame, and also learning how to use props. The best thing you can do to become this good as a portrait photographer is to take classes, and also to become an apprentice to a good photographer.


Food can only look this good if you are not the cook! Just kidding. You could be the cook, you just have to know how to light it just right. This is usually done in a studio with controlled lighting. Your standard flash on your camera will not cut this kind of photography. You have to have special lighting equipment to make food look this scrumptious.

Food photos is something you can be creative with by adding props. When I see hands about to eat something that looks that good, I pretend it’s me about to eat it. How about you?

Did you know that by seeing the steam coming off the noodles, makes it look tastier than ever? Timing can be crucial in food photography. These food photos are not taking pictures of plastic food. It’s an art to get the food to look perfect.


Candid photos are capturing something out of the ordinary that will usually make people laugh, or make the subject even embarrassed you took that photo. Usually done in jest, these type of photos can be, sometimes more popular that the posed photos.

Is there photographers that make a living or make it their passion taking photos of nothing but candid photos? Yes. I have seen professional photographers take the posed photos, but, then they have another photographer in the group, wandering around getting the candid photos. He or she will get paid for taking those photos as well. They will get looked at as much as the professional photos.

A good candid photographer will especially be looking for the children photos. Everyone will love what funny things the children are doing. You will get lots of points for taking great photos like this of children.


Fashion photographers have a real tough job. They just seem to know what to take pictures of. Every photographer seems like they have been doing it forever. But, they haven’t they learn it just like all the others. They usually are apprentices working with fashion photographers, and often get to take turns while the real photographers are busy getting something for their camera. Or something like that. Then they have some photos under their belt.

Sometimes a lot of fashion photography is done in the studio, where they have serious controlled lighting. The model will run into the changing room and come back out and take a few more photos. And the way to learn is being an apprentice. Make sure you have taken a good portrait class or fashion photo class in school before getting out there.

The one nice thing about most models posing vs doing a standard portrait is that models have been trained to pose for you. You do have to be thinking about the clothes they are wearing and how best to show that off. Learn from the fashion designer how they want to show it off the best.


Travel photography should be about the places you have traveled, not about you. Or in this case, you can be a part of the travel story. Such as the story above. If you travel, show yourself doing the story, don’t jump out in front of the camels and say: “hi, here we are in front of the camels”. Be a part of the story. No one wants to really see you, unless you are telling the story.

If you were traveling to this beautiful place, remember to take a photo of just this place. Don’t get in the photo and ruin it. Can you see this photo hanging on your wall? Or even better: hanging on your wall – and wishing you were back there again?

Is there a time and place to put yourself in the photo? Absolutely yes! And if I looked at that photo, and saw this photo without the person, I would think it was boring. But, put that person there on that ledge looking out at that busy city, makes all the difference in the world. So, the moral of the story is: Know when to put someone in the photo for impact, or to tell a story. But, don’t mess with the beauty of the scenery that you see.


Everyone would love to be a wildlife photographer, until they see how hard it is, and they are tired of taking pictures of the local squirrels and cats. But, to get photos like the above, it takes special equipment and you have to be a strong person to carry around that equipment and a knowledge of where to find these animals to get the best photos.

I know many people have tried practicing at their local zoos. But, that only works so long. It takes special tours, safaris, and vacations to get the real wildlife photos that you can earn respect over.

close up of red squirrel holding and looking at a mushroom with flowers behind

A good practice would be to get some of the close neighborhood friends and capture them doing something other than gather nuts and sniff the grass. Try your own luck at something like the above photo, but, remember, you need a big lens to get this close.


Architecture photography is a rare form of art photography. It takes special lenses, special eyes and training to know how to do this right. You would be learning about pan / tilt lenses and polarizing lens filters and color corrections that might be needed to make everything look right. Sounds like a class is in order for this, right?

In today’s modern architectural world, it takes amazing skills in photography to make the buildings look good. I was just scanning over the photo courses required for a architectural photographer, and it gets into a lot of technical stuff in lenses and distortion that most of the time people would be surprised that you have to even worry about. But, if you want to make your client happy, you do it right. And you get paid big.

Sometimes, timing is very important in getting good architectural photos. Would your client be happy if you took this photo of his building at sunset? Oh yeah, happy is he when this photo goes on the wall.


Wedding photography is very popular. A good wedding photographer can make some good money IF he is good. He will get a lot of referrals when his photos are showed to the next engaged couple. Word of mouth advertising will go a long way.

Oh, but nothing makes me sadder than when I see a lousy wedding photographer. Or the one who is the brides’ Uncle taking the photos because they couldn’t afford a good photographer. Why would they not spend some extra money for their big day?

My advice to you is do not go and take wedding photos until you have been properly trained in posing, camera equipment, what photos the people want, how much you should charge for your skills, and don’t go take photos unless you have been with another photographer for at least a year. Please?


Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism that employs images in order to tell a news story. It is now usually understood to refer only to still images, but in some cases the term also refers to video used in broadcast journalism.

A photojournalist has to have guts to go out and take photos of things that are hard sometimes. Not all photojournalists, though, are called to take photos of war-time images. Those, for sure are the hard photos to take, and your life is at risk the whole time you do that. But, you might be called up to take photos of political people as well (which might turn out to be just as hazardous)

But, no matter what type of photo you take in photojournalism, it could be one of those photos that the whole world will see. It could be worth big money.


Sports photo by Bob Given

Good sports photographers are well known because they capture major sports figures doing what they do best. The equipment they have is amazing. You just don’t do this kind of photography without those huge lenses that cost as much as a house.

Sports photographer ready to go.

Any guess how much the equipment cost for this? So, if you want to get into sports photography, you just have to plan on some money. But then you get amazing photos like this one below:

Photo by Rob Sambles

Sports photography is one of the funner types of photography you can get into, but, like I said, it takes a big output of money to get the right equipment. And if you want to get into the big leagues, you would have to have a sponsor or company to get a press release to get down on the front line.


Macro photography, is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.

Macro photography doesn’t always have to be about those ugly bugs, but the beautiful things around you too. Flowers and butterflies are a perfect example of macro photography at it’s best.

Look at the things around you when you have a macro lens, and see if you aren’t missing something. A macro lens is all about seeing things that you don’t or can’t see normally with the naked eye. Enjoy what life has around you. When you discover these things, watch how people will want to buy your photos.


Underwater photography is the process of taking photographs while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface supply, snorkeling, swimming, from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle, or from automated cameras lowered from the surface.

As you can see here, it takes special camera equipment and lighting to take underwater photos. This type of equipment, when done right is a lot of money again. There is a lot of interest in photos underwater, and if you are a skilled scuba diver, then this is a field that could be fun for you.

The world of underwater photography is fun, exciting, and a good paying field of photography. It takes a skill in scuba diving, plus a skill in photography. If this is up your ally, then this might be for you.


Night photography is a skill that is fun, and exciting. It takes a certain amount of equipment, and a knowledge of low light photography and the different types of lighting. With that in mind, this is a field that anyone can do. The only thing, there isn’t a lot of wants or needs for this type of photography, but, I think it’s an art that if done right, could be big. Kind of an art that is yet to be tapped that could be big for the right person.

There are some amazing night photography photos coming out as of late. That is why I think this is an art yet to be come big. Go for it.

You have to think out of the box a little bit, and that’s why I think this is an art that is yet to go big.


If you think black and white photography is dead, think again. This is an art that is going bigger than ever. Go on Facebook and look at the different clubs, or Like Pages devoted to Black and White. In fact, I have a yearly exhibit highlighting the best black and white artists of black and white. Just go to: and look up the extra gallery page of black and white winners of 2018!

The details and sharpness of black and white requires more skill than color. A good photographer will know he is good if he can create a great black and white photo.

Check out the detail of this person. I just don’t think you could detect the detail, and let alone the character of this person if it was done in color.

And there you have all the different types of photography! Whew! Are you excited about any of these? Perhaps there is one subject you would like to learn more about? We have covered many of these subjects already in many of my blogs over the years. So, maybe this is the place to learn about photography? At least it is a good start, and hopefully you can decide which way you want to go.

There is one type of photography I didn’t cover. Cell phone photography. I don’t think you can seriously get serious about any of the above subjects if all you own is a cell phone. You can make it a hobby, but, if you want to be serious about any of these subjects, you will need to get a good DSLR camera.

This article written by: Lanny Cottrell for 123PhotoGo. All photos were collected from : Google Photos

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