One of the great things about photography is how wonderful it is to tell a story with pictures. If you were given the assignment by a photography teacher, a magazine editor, a newspaper, or your blog instructor, to come up with a story, by taking and submitting just one photo, to tell that story, could you do it?

If you were given the assignment to take just one photo of: balance of our planet. What would you take? Example:

Photo by Lucien Wanda on

Now, let’s try to be creative and come up with another story. How about we pick one story and come up with a photo of ” The unusual storm”:

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

Another story could be: an unlikely couple now in LOVE:

Photo by Renato Abati on

I have seen this story before, and it is often published in magazines: What are you doing on September 24th, 2019? If you could take a photo of what you did today, what photo would you take of yourself? Would it be a photo of you at work? Would it be a photo of you with your family? Would it be what? To me, I was on the phone almost all day at work. I wish I was being a photographer all day, but I still work for a living. So, here is a photo of someone at work on the phone:

Photo by bruce mars on

Many of us have amusing stories to tell about our pets. We have often taken photos of our pets doing funny things, because it shows their personalities. Here is a photo of my dog, which tells a story of just her personality:

She just wants to be up high so she can view the whole yard.

That is the best part of taking photos. Learning to tell stories with your photos. One photo can say many things. So, if you want to explain something, it is better said in a photo. If you were given an assignment to take a photo to explain something, what would you take?

Here are some more great ideas of how 1 photo, tells a story:

How would you describe to your children what a typewriter looks like, or how does it work? Can you explain it without a picture?

Photo by on
How would you describe to someone what a geyser looks like?

Could you explain what the fastest train in Japan looks like. It’s probably the fastest train in the world. The Shinkansen. To most people it is called the bullet train.

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