Stunning pictures capturing breath-taking beauty from all corners of the world have been revealed as part of a travel photography competition. From aerial photos of fishermen in Myanmar to hot air balloons during sunrise in Slovenia, these images will take you on a grand tour of some of the most beautiful places on earth. The images tell the stories of natural, coastal, mountainous and city landscapes from a wide range of countries. Only 50 travel photographs were selected out of 14,539 submissions in the ‘Travel2019’ photography competition by Agora Images. Scroll through to see these amazing images…

Entitled ‘The Famous One’, this stunning image was taken by French photographer and engineer Nicolas Prègre. It shows an eerie wave of mist floating in the air at Machu Picchu in Peru, South America.

This image from the Thar Desert in India was taken by professional photographer Pranab Basak. The desert is a large arid region in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent

With the title ‘Terrace,’ this landscape scene taken in Kayah, Myanmar in Asia shows three people walking along the banks of rice fields.

‘Sunrise in Slovenia’ shows a beautiful sunrise in the European country and even captures a hot air balloon as it rises into the air. It was taken by Matt Cuzen.

This image entitled ‘Cikubang train bridge’ by Daniel Dahni from Indonesia shows railway tracks high in the air passing over rice fields in West Java, Indonesia.

Photographer Wilmer Valdez Hinojosa from the captured this stunning moment in the Dominic Republic of a plane taking off into the sunset.

‘Blue Bled’ by Sergio Saavedra Ruiz from Spain shows churches poking into the night’s sky in Slovenia.

This well-framed photograph with the title ‘Morning’ shows a woman driving down a passage of trees as the sun streams through the branches in Vietnam. It was taken by Nguyen Quang Thanh from Vietnam.

Aptly entitled ‘Loneliness’ this breath-taking photograph taken in an unknown location by Faten Hamouda from Switzerland shows a figure walking across the sand.

‘Smoked Out’ shows a mountainous region of Iceland enveloped in waves of cloud. It was taken by Jonny Rogers from the UK.

Maqsood Akhtar took this unusual image in Pakistan which shows an embellished lorry driving down a winding road.

‘On the edge’ by Corinna Juptner from Germany was taken in an unknown location but shows a person standing on the edge of a precarious ledge in a mountainous region.

‘Beautiful morning in Bromo’ shows Mount Bromo in Indonesia poking out from a blanket of cloud. The image was taken by Imam Primahardy.

This image entitled ‘Crossing’ was taken in Indonesia by Rian Bungsu and shows men on motorbikes crossing a wooden bridge.

Aung Thu Ya took this dramatic image named ‘Sculpture’ during his time travelling around Myanmar.

‘Airborne anymore’ by Vitor Esteves from Portugal shows an abandoned plane in the middle of a forest in Portugal.

‘Heart of the city’ taken by Jeet Khagram from India shows a young man surveying the city of Jaipur, India.

‘Golden Hour in Bagan’ was taken by Naing Tun Win in Myanmar. It shows hot air balloons rising over temples during sunrise.

Simply titled ‘Florence’ this city image was taken by British photographer Hugo Healy showing the sun beaming onto the side of the dome of Florence’s cathedral.

This modern image of Dubai’s metro was taken by Engr Hsn from Pakistan. It is one of the 50 photographs submitted for the competition.

‘Adventure’ by Jordi Sark from Spain shows two 4x4s crossing an icy location.

‘Backflip on a mountain top’ shows a man somersaulting off the side of a cliff on Mangart mountain in Slovenia. It was taken by Michael Harding from Austria.

This image of a woman standing at a train station was also submitted for the competition. It was taken by Eva Blanco in Madrid, Spain.

‘Travel alone’ by Francisco Paez from Argentina shows an abandoned boat in Cabo Sao Pablo, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

This sunset picture was taken in Svaneti in Georgia by Nika Pailodze. It is called ‘To the sun’ and shows the shadow of a walker standing in the sun’s glare.

This woman skateboarding down a road was taken by Ricardo Bruning from Germany in Sweden. It is called ‘Sweden roadtrip’.

‘Jungle Life’ by Lee Mumford shows a river snaking through rain forest on Siargao island in the Philippines.

‘The grandeur of Kuala Lumpur’ taken by Patricia Soon from Malaysia shows sky scrapers in a dramatic black and white image.

This stark but beautiful image was taken by Bekir Yesiltas and shows a frozen lake in Turkey being crossed by a horse and carriage.

‘Vietnam view’ by Marco Vulinovic from Norway shows a rocky path leading up to a small temple overlooking amazing views.

This shot was taken by Nadege Delalieu from France in Cappadocia in Turkey. Cappadocia, a semi-arid region in central Turkey, is known for its distinctive ‘fairy chimneys,’ which are clusters of tall, cone-shaped rock formations. The image is called ‘Rose Valley, Cappadoce’.

You can see why these photos have been chosen to be in the top chosen photos for the travel competition photos. Great photography and amazing places. It amazes me to see so many wonderful new places that we haven’t seen before in pictures.
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