The reviews are in for the Italian Dolomites – and the critics are wowed. And we agree! Italy is already one of the most beautiful countries is the world, and the Dolomites have been chosen as our PHOTOS OF THE WEEK for 11/7/2019!

This mountain range in the north-east of Italy has scored an impressive 4.7 out of five on Google Reviews from over 800 ratings, with visitors variously describing it as ‘magical’, ‘spectacular’ and ‘just awesome’.

And if you want to know what magical, spectacular and awesome looks like, look no further than the amazing photographs snapped by Polish photographer Anita Demianowicz during a visit last autumn. Her incredible images, shot at sunrise or sunset, capture the stunning beauty and drama of the range – its jagged peaks, its picture-postcard villages and the breathtaking surrounding landscape. 

The collection includes the jaw-dropping village of Santa Maddalena, the Seiser Alm – the largest high-altitude Alpine meadow in Europe – and serene lakes including Lago di Braies and Lake Misurina.

Anita told MailOnline Travel: ‘I love mountains, especially when they suddenly appear to grow out of the water. There are also many beautiful lakes surrounding the mountains and this is what impressed me the most about this stunning landscape.’

All photos in this presentation were taken by: Anita Demianowicz and provided by: Associated Newspapers Limited

The beautiful village of Santa Maddalena – one of the most popular villages in the Dolomites for tourists

Anita took this snap in the commune of Val-di-Funes. She says that autumn is her favourite time to visit the mountains

The sun peeks behind the jagged peaks that loom over Seiser Alm, the largest high-altitude Alpine meadow in Europe. Anita said: ‘Sunrise and sunset is the best time to take photos. At this time, the shadows lengthen, and the light becomes soft and takes on a beautiful golden shade’

The mountains are reflected in the crystal clear waters of Lago di Braies. This is Anita’s favourite picture in her Dolomites set. She said: ‘By placing a person in the picture, it’s possible to see the sheer scale of the landscape’

The stunning Lake Antorno stands before the Giau Pass. Anita says the Dolomites is the perfect place for photographers to capture stunning images

Anita captured this atmospheric shot on the Seiser Alm meadow. She said it’s one of her favourite places in the Dolomites

This stunning picture shows the Grand Hotel Misurina, which overlooks the mighty Lake Misurina, 1,754 metres (5,754ft) above sea level

Lake Carezza, pictured, is one of the smallest lakes in the Dolomites and is surrounded by a beautiful alpine forest. It’s fed by underground springs and is famous for its tranquil waters

Anita stands in front of the 7,335ft-high Giau Pass. It is close to Italy’s border with Austria and is a popular, albeit gruelling, test for cyclists

Anita said: ‘I love mountains, especially when they suddenly appear to grow out of the water. There are also many beautiful lakes surrounding the mountains’

Anita said: ‘Each place in the Dolomites has something special.’ This is the Giau Pass pictured beneath a mesmerisingly starry sky

Anita said: ‘I didn’t get to all the fantastic places in the Dolomites, but I liked Seiser Alm (pictured) and Lago di Braise the most’
Thanks to Anita Demianowicz for sharing all these photos today. It truly was nice to have just one photographer provide all the photos for the Photos of the Week. Hope you enjoyed these amazing photos as well.

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