Expensive Photography Gear vs Cheap Photography Gear

The debate of whether or not high end gear is essential for getting good results has been going on forever. And by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like the debate will be over any time soon. Usually, beginners seem to believe that better equipment equals better images. On the other hand, experienced photographers are of the opinion that you should invest in developing skills. To see whether it’s good skill that makes good photos, or if it’s good gear that does it, Henbu decided to run a test in this video:

This is a video presentation. Click on this link to see the demonstration of expensive vs. Cheap photography gear:

For the purpose, Henbu, who is a professional, swaps his $5,750 worth of gear with his friend’s that cost only $500. Both of them head out for a shoot and the results are actually not that surprising.

The prominent difference that you notice between the photographers’ shots is composition. After all, it’s composition that the viewers get to see . What gear you used, what settings you were at, and other technical matters are all secondary. What matters is that the image should appear appealing, and tell a story. As a beginner, if you struggle with what to include or not to include in your image, then that’s where you should start trying to improve; and not focus on getting newer gear.

“What’s ever in front of your frame is much more important that your camera itself.”

Then, it’s also important that you understand lighting. With natural light, learn to place your subjects so that the lighting works best. Understand that a combination of light and shadows works best and adds depth to your images. If the light does not work for your style of shooting, try taking images that suit the lighting; or better yet, try again some other day. And as you progress with photography, look towards working with artificial lighting

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