In the continuing effort to bring you the best photos, by subject, of amazing photos found by a group of photographers from Pexel Photos, this week I am highlighting CATS! One of our fun loving animals that most of us adore. Many people are allergic to cats, but, you still love them, because they are just cute animals. So, here is an amazing collection of the best of CAT photos for you to enjoy. PHOTOS OF THE WEEK For 3/12/2020.

A Pexel Photo from Mochamad Wildan

A Pexel photo by Lina Kivaka

A Pexel photo by Skitter photo

A Pexel photo by наталья семенкова

A Pexel Photo by Vadim B

A Pexel Photo by: Xue Guangjian

A Pexel Photo by Pixabay

A Pexel photo by Public Domain

A Pexel photo by Pixabay

A Pexel Photo by Vincent Tan

A Pexel Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska

A Pexel Photo by Eva Kubickova

A Pexel Photo by Richard Verbeek

A Pexel Photo by Anil Gorkem Ozsan

A Pexel photo by Natalie

A Pexel Photo by Александар Цветановић

A Pexel Photo by Dids

A Pexel Photo by Immortal Shots

A Pexel Photo by Amiya Nanda

A Pexel photo by 99 clicks

A Pexel photo by Pixabay

A Pexel Photo by burak kostak

A Pexel Photo by Pixabay

A Pexel Photo by Pixabay

A Pexel Photo by Henda Watani

A Pexel Photo by Tranmautritam

I hope you enjoyed this series of cat photos. These are amazing photos of cats. Don’t like cats? Next week we will do a series of dog photos. Maybe you will enjoy that better. See you next week for more amazing photos on “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK”

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