It’s the last month of Spring, and flowers are in abundance, and summer is around the corner. What have you planned to do this year for your photography journey in life?

Let’s take a look at some ideas of things to do, and this week we will take the whole week planning on different ideas and things we can do.

The month of May, get your last photos of Flowers:

You see them everywhere: flowers in full bloom. They are colorful and so easy to photograph. You can use them as art prints, backgrounds for images, Facebook cover images, or just for the joy of capturing the beauty of a flower. There are some tricks that can elevate your images beyond snapshot level, into images that really express a flower’s magic.

photo by Henry Hemming

Camera Tricks

  • Use a shallow depth of field. Set your f-stop or aperture to the lowest number you can. This gives you a sea of color while making one flower pop out.
  • Try a slow shutter speed like 1/30, 1/15, or even 3 seconds on a windy or breezy day. This creates a wonderful pastel, emotional image.
  • Get close in. Use a macro lens if you can. You will capture unique detail, rarely seen, that will delight the viewer–especially if you print it very large.
  • Bring along some simple tools. Reflector cards open up shadows. Large cards can act as wind blocks. You can bring along a colored card or even a photo of a background to put behind the flower. Have the background go out of focus for a believable transition.
  • Set your file size to as large as you can for prints and cropping options.
Tomorrow: Some great ideas of composition tricks for flower photos. Never have I spent time on composition ideas just on flower photos. Don’t miss it, tomorrow.

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