Yesterday’s blog we talked about the camera tricks for taking the best photos of flowers. Today, let’s talk about the COMPOSITION TRICKS of taking photos of flowers.
dew drop flower
photo by maf04

Composition Tricks

  • Get down low, at “eye” level with the flower. Unique angles make flower shots more interesting.
  • Look for lines and shapes, like diagonals and S-shaped curves, to give the image a flow. Use them as foreground elements to frame your main subject.
  • Photograph flowers really early in the morning or just as the sun goes down for rich, soft lighting.
  • Spray water on flowers for that morning dew look at any time of day.
  • Place your “key” flower in a position that utilizes the rule of thirds grid for most impact.
  • Work with depth of field to isolate a single blossom or find one flower that is a different color than the rest. Find one flower that is somehow different than its surroundings.
use interesting angles for flower photography
photo by solarisgirl
Now there is just one more thing I would like to add to this subject to make it all complete: THE CREATIVE TRICKS To make flower photography so special. That blog will be available on Thursday, just after the Photos of the Week, tomorrow. So, don’t miss the special blog on Thursday: THE CREATIVE TRICKS OF FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY !

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