Photos of the Week: Macro Photography / flowers:

This week, I focused on a subject of close-up photography. That is truly a fascinating subject, and very intriguing photos. But, there is so much beauty in macro photography, I am sure everyone will enjoy these photos. The expertise of the photographers is amazing, and fun to see their creativity as they shoot macro photography. I hope you enjoy these photos:

white and purple petal flower focus photography
Photo by Anthony on
closeup photography of purple silk flowers with dewdrops
Photo by Anthony on
blade of grass blur bright close up
Photo by Pixabay on
macro photography of gray and yellow caterpillar
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on
macro photography of brown beetle with dew drops
Photo by Egor Kamelev on
pink and yellow lily flower in closeup photo
Photo by Thierry Fillieul on
brown hummingbird selective focus photography
Photo by Philippe Donn on
black and white butterfly on red flower
Photo by Pixabay on
brown praying mantis in close up photography
Photo by Brandon Phan on
red dragonfly
Photo by Pixabay on
nature water eyes pond
Photo by Pixabay on
closeup photo of red and white mushroom
Photo by Egor Kamelev on
lighted matchstick on brown wooden surface
Photo by Sebastian Sørensen on
people face child eye
Photo by Skitterphoto on
close up photo of ulysses butterfly perched on red flower
Photo by EDD Sylvia Nenntwich on
blue and yellow flame painting
Photo by Pixabay on
butterfly perched on flower photography
Photo by myungho lee on
black and white butterfly perch on yellow petaled flower
Photo by Pixabay on
black background bubble clean clear
Photo by Pixabay on
abstract art beautiful bloom
Photo by asim alnamat on
macro photography of butterfly near lights
Photo by emkae junior on

Amazing photos, amazing artists. Hope you check in tomorrow’s blog for more information on taking close-up photos.

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