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Time to take a break from the normal blogs, and give you some interesting pictures to enjoy. I found these photos on, and I like this series of photos because it has the story to these photos from the photographer. We can all learn from that.

Interesting Photo of the Day: Perseid Meteor Shower over Mt. Rainier

Astrophotography can turn into a fascinating passion. It allows you to explore the magnificence that hides in plain sight amidst the dark sky. Of the most common magical phenomenon, taking photos of our own Milky Way and occasional meteor showers almost always hit the spot. In the following photograph, photographer Matt Dieterich was able to capture both of them on the same night over the beautiful Mount Rainier. The result is an image that’s truly out of this world!

The image is a composite of over eighty images that he took using a Nikon D750 and 24mm f/1.4 lens. The images were taken at 24mm, f/1.4, ISO 6400, each at an 8-second exposure. He first shot the image of the rising Milky Way which beautifully aligned with Mount Rainier. He then separately shot the images of the Perseid Meteor Shower in timelapse mode for over two hours. To get the final image, he manually aligned the sky so the meteors were positioned in the correct location.

The composite has done justice to the lovely Milky Way with those feisty meteors raining down. Dieterich’s effort and time to create this image were well worth it in the end. Having the Milky Way aligned perfectly with Mount Rainier, it appears as if the volcano is expelling a bunch of magical stardust, and the bright meteors also seem to be the result of the volcanic explosion.


Ballet Dancer with Scarves

There’s something about ballet dancers that’s absolutely mesmerizing. Their strength along with their grace together adds a sense of beauty to their character that is of an entirely different level. The following image taken by photographer Levente Szabo is an excellent example of this photo.

The stance that the dancer holds in the image is a testament to her strength. And the motion in the scarves that she’s holding in her hands adds an angelic vibe to her beautiful character. The pose almost makes her look like an artist who’s painting in the space.

Another great thing about this photo is that Szabo was able to freeze all of this without using any flash. Shooting near a large window did the trick. The excellent choice of colors is another factor that makes the image so noteworthy. While blue dominates the image, the dancer’s warm skin tone and the purple scarf stand out beautifully.

Excellent job by the photographer in capturing this dancer’s strength and the grace.


A Foggy Morning in Venice

It’s impossible to think of Venice without thinking of the canals. And then there are the gondolas and bridges along with the hustle and bustle of the tourists flocking the old beautiful streets. The city is such a popular tourist destination that it’s unreasonable to imagine you’ll have any tourist-free scenes to photograph. However, photographer Matt Horspool got really lucky during a foggy morning. He practically had the entire location to himself. It was then that he was able to photograph the following beautiful image of the Bridge of Sighs!

This image is undoubtedly a brilliant example of strong composition and excellent post-processing. The first thing that you notice about this image is the way Horspool has framed the image. The frame beautifully emphasizes the Bridge of Sigh over the canal, lightly covered by fog. Further, the strong leading lines in the frame direct our eyes straight into the image and create a lot of interest as well.

Seeing Venice so empty is almost eerie – as if it were an abandoned city full of ghosts. The colors only add to this haunted feel. The cool tones along with the cinematic moody look make this a very cold image, which is so unlike the Venice we often picture.


Sunrise Over Nordenskjold Lake

Sunrise moments are mostly beautiful. The soft beautiful light, colorful sky, and dramatic clouds, all of them add up to a spectacular view. Throw in some beautiful landscape into the equation and you have a recipe for some jaw dropping photograph. This is exactly what photographer Casey Colomb captured while in Nordenskjold in Torres Del Paine NP, Patagonia!

Columb took this photograph as a part of his 24 day trip to Patagonia, which involved a nine day exploration of the fjords. He managed to capture this beautiful moment during sunrise with the beautiful cloud patterns, and the way he has composed the shot to frame the mountains using the foliage draws the viewer’s attention toward the landscape. We cannot tell if there is actually some mist in the air or if he has used some haze effect in post, but that sure gives a dreamy look to the photograph!


A Mystical Pup

We’re very lucky to have such pure souls in the form of dogs as our best friends. They’re possibly the only creatures that love us more than they care for themselves. And at the end of the day, they’re living creatures that have moods and emotions of their own. So, it’s not unusual for them to feel down or sullen sometimes. Reddit user withherdogs captured the following moody image of her dog, and the vibe is quite chilling!

She shot the image on a Sony A7III with the 85mm f/1.8 lens.

“The 85 really makes everything look so dreamy.”

The way that she’s composed the image with the dog right in the center against a dark background, and backlit with natural light, draws your eyes directly into the subject. We immediately notice the dog doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. He looks very serious, even angry. The fact that he resembles a wolf makes the image even more chilling. Then there are the pup’s eyes – each a different color. This is called heterochromia, and makes his eyes look absolutely mesmerizing.

It’s almost like he’s not a dog after all, but a mythical beast. The overall lighting, composition, and the expression on the dog makes this a memorable and significant capture. It evokes emotions that range from fierceness to majestic serenity. Yet, it’s such an intimidating image.


Ballerina in the Streets of Prague

A good looking portrait is not just about a pretty face. In fact, there are so many other elements to it. Besides the person in the frame, lighting, location, and the subject’s expression are important to consider. A portrait springs to life when the subject’s pose is dynamic. An effective way you can do this is by adding in a little bit of action with motion. You might think action and portraits do not mix well, but this is how you go about trying something out of the box. Take for instance the following image taken by photographer Anna Ulman. This portrait of a ballerina in the streets of Prague showing off her skills is nothing short of stunning!

Ulman took the image using her Canon 6D at 135mm F/2, with a 1/500-second exposure and ISO 125.

Thanks to her skillful pose and her long hair in motion, the ballerina beautifully stands out in the image. Her composure, strength, and posture might even make you confuse her for a tenacious anime character.

Besides the brilliant subject, the colors that Ulman has achieved in the background are equally stunning. The gentle and warm colors add so much character to the image and complement the subject.

This image is a testament to the fact that it’s not just the photographer who makes a photo brilliant. The subject has an equally important role to play.

The Painted Dunes

Volcanic eruptions are a terrible thing to experience. The ashes, boiling hot lava, gases, and earthquakes that accompany it are all pretty scary. However, in the long run, the geographical changes that a volcanic eruption brings about can be pretty amazing. This is especially true when it comes to the mineral deposits and the changes in land structure that are very interesting to see. One of the finest examples has to be The Painted Dunes of Lassen Volcanic National Park in California. As the name suggests, the place looks like a painting. Photographer Ben Haller took the following image of the place and it’s pretty surreal!

This image gets more and more interesting the longer you look at it. The immediate feature that you notice in the image is the landform. It’s unlike any typical landform that we come across on a daily basis. The dune-like structure is the result of the hot lava from the volcano melting anything that cross its path. Further, the interesting patterns on the ground which are results of mineral deposits add to the brilliance of this image. This is what makes the place appear like an oil painting.

It has also helped that Haller took the photo while the sun was low. The shadows have beautifully added depth and structure to the image. If it weren’t for the trees, you might think that the image was of some other planet.

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