Attention Cell phone photographers:

We are glad that a lot of people that read the content from this website are avid photographers with their cell phones. You who use your cell phones for photography: We have a special just for you !

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Now cell phone photographers have a magazine for them. It’s an online photography magazine just for cell phone users. It is part of the new program from 123PhotoGo. It has tips on how to use your cell phone for the best pictures, and also keeps you up to date on what is new in products for cell phone users.

123Photogo would like to give you cell phone photographers a special offer to try it! 1/2 PRICE for either a one month subscription or a full year. Normally, 1 month is just $3, and a full year is $20. So, half of that: $1.50 for one month or only $10 for 12 issues. You can’t go wrong, and it would help you out so much. Try it now. And when you order, just insert : “newmember” in the coupon code. And it’s yours for 1/2 OFF. This is a limited time, so Jump on it!

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