Making mistakes is quite natural. No one is perfect. Especially for photographers, mistakes are an indication that you are making progress in your artistic journey. But while there’s no need to panic just because you made a mistake, the same cannot be said if you keep repeating them. It is thus very important that you are well aware of anything wrong that you might be doing. To help you out, today we have photographer Jessica Kobeissi who shares five mistakes that beginner photographers make, and suggests ways to correct them:

Kobeissi reviewed hundreds of images submitted by beginner photographers to find consistent errors. As she demonstrates in the video, some of these mistakes are basic and easily fixable, while others require greater attention to fundamentals like composition.

Most of the issues relate to exposure, color and contrast, and can be easily remedied making one simple adjustment: shoot your images in RAW. Since RAW files carry much more information than JPEGs, it’s easier to recover details, as Kobeissi demonstrates in the video.

The next important thing is to pay attention to composition. You don’t get to correct your composition in post. Make sure you do not leave unnecessary space around your subject. Also, be sure not to crop out any appendages or anything important. Images should appear as natural as possible right out of the camera.

Have you been making any of these mistakes? If you have, you now know how you’ve improved your photography on your own artistic journey.

Special thanks to Sunny Shrestha and PictureCorrect for putting this article together and the amazing interview with Jessica Kobbeissi. This is an amazing piece that we all can use.

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Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

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