PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Forests of our world!

We live in a world of varying degrees of landscapes. In some countries, it is mostly sand and desert. Other places, it’s mostly grass and shrubs. And then other places around the world are the most important thing for us to survive with on this planet, and that would be our amazing forests. They produce all the oxygen in this world, and without them, we wouldn’t be here. So, I would like to pay tribute to the beautiful forests of the world, whether great or small. Enjoy these photos!

witch standing on a road with a pumpkin in her hands
Photo by Thirdman on
nature red forest leaves
Photo by Pixabay on
bright countryside dawn daylight
Photo by Pixabay on
abandoned forest industry nature
Photo by Snapwire on
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nature forest trees fog
Photo by Jaymantri on
nature forest trees park
Photo by veeterzy on
photo of snow covered trees
Photo by Jan Kopřiva on
bright daylight environment forest
Photo by Skitterphoto on
photography of dirt road surrounded by trees
Photo by Mohamed Sarim on
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woman wearing red sleeveless dress standing near fern leaves
Photo by Kourosh Qaffari on
red trees
Photo by Artem Saranin on
trees during day
Photo by Lukas Rodriguez on
photo of a man sitting under the tree
Photo by Samuel Silitonga on
beautiful blur bouquet carefree
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on
silhouette of trees at sunset
Photo by Pixabay on

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