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PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take care of your body!

I have gone to do some photography of flowers, and close-ups, and after a while, my back has had it! I realize that I need to find ways to better take care of my body while taking photographs.

This timely information from Sunny Shrestha is great advice. Watch this:

Being a photographer really seems fun and exciting for an outsider. But only when you do it regularly do you realize that there can be some serious occupational hazards. Like many other jobs, we can see the wear and tear the job brings about in your body in the long run. And with age, these issues can get serious. In today’s video, we have photographers Andrew & Denae to discuss the issues that can plague a photographer’s body and offer some tips to avoid them:

The daily life of a photographer or a videographer involves carrying a lot of weight. This means cameras, lenses and even lighting equipment. Working continuously under this kind of stress means people often damage their muscles and joints. Add to the mix all those awkward postures we assume to get that perfect shot, and the whole job can quickly lead to muscle cramps, aches and long-term harm.

As they say, prevention is the best medicine. So be sure to go through the entire video above for some great information on the do’s and don’ts of being a photographer when it comes to taking proper care of your body.

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blue and red superman print tank top shirt
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Just a quick note to let you know….. I think these blogs seem even more effective when you have a video presentation, from YouTube. In the future, you will see more of these, and even I will be doing some of these videos. These are designed differently as I will take you to a photo shoot to see how it’s really done.

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