assorted black and gray cameras

When you get to that point that you are comfortable as an “advanced photographer” or even a professional, it is interesting to see what kind of equipment a photographer would have. Would you like to have their equipment? Why do they have that equipment? What can I learn from seeing the equipment a photographer might have or want to have in their bag?

Well, on today’s video, we are going to walk through the different things I have in my bag right now. Is it everything I want? Oh no! A photographer would always like to have more.

Please check this video out, and see what I have in my photographer’s bag:

I mentioned in the video of how much I like to shoot natural light. Here is a photo I have taken that was taken at about 10pm at night, no flash, just using the natural lights from the road:

Photo taken at 10 pm at night. No flash, just using the natural light of the street lights.

The things that most photographers would want to add to their bag: lenses, lenses, and more lenses.

For more information about what kind of lenses there are available for your camera, let’s just look at the website for Sigma lenses:


assorted black and gray cameras
Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

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