When you see an amazing photo on Instagram, or even Facebook, do you see the real picture, or do you see a photoshop version of the photo. How do you know? The best photoshop people are so good, it’s hard to tell. But, there are a lot of amateurs out there, trying to bluff their way through the social media world.

I found this article with video about such a thing happening to all of us. Read the article, watch the video and be prepared for some great information:

Social media has become a platform where people show a perfect version of their lives. Reality, of course, can be far different from what’s posted. But if you look at these snapshots from a photographer’s perspective—instead of simply judging the people—things actually get really interesting. You can analyze how people play with the angles, poses, lighting, makeup and even editing. Photographer Jessica Kobeissi takes a look at some of the images from Instagram Reality subreddit and shares her opinion on the matter. Check it out:

Click on the arrow to see how people manipulate the photos for different effects

Some cases are extreme, like slapping your face on to some other model’s body. When it’s done poorly, you can easily see how fake the image is.

On the other end of the spectrum, a person may simply appear picture-perfect in one image and totally bland in another. This can be due to poor lighting, an awkward angle, bad makeup or just because they were caught off guard. After all, it’s not just the subject that determines how good the photos come out—it is also up to the photographer and the shoot’s conditions.

If you follow someone well known in the beauty industry, odds are high that you’re looking at an image that’s been retouched by a professional. Such images look amazing, but in reality, nobody can be so flawless. As Kobeissi says in her video above:

“Next time you see a picture that’s looking a litle bit too perfect, don’t forget: Photoshop was invited to that party.”

Here are some really good Photoshop photos, done on pupose:

Edit retouch resize change background of image by Raheelkhan23
How to Process Photos in Photoshop - Example: The Canals of Venice I |  Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube

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