YEA! 2020 is over! Time to set some PHOTOGRAPHIC GOALS!

I hope you don’t think that this is some boring topic. I know that some of you don’t set goals, but, in your photography world, isn’t there this one goal you want to achieve:

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Even professional photographers are always trying to improve their photography. And if you like photography in any way, then this is something to read.

Let’s take a look at some things that you can do, and even we can do to help you become a better photographer. Let’s look at these questions:

1- I want to learn more about macro photography

2- I want to be a pro at composition.

3- I want to start taking professional looking portraits

4- I want to learn how to run my settings on my camera better.

5- I would like to have personal training from a real professional photographer.

6- I just need someone to keep my motivated to take photos.

7- I need some help just finding things to photograph at any time of day or any day.

8- I want to start making money with my photography.

9- Can I find someone who can critique my photos and let me know if they are good enough to sell.

10- I would like to find some way to teach photography as well, on a blog format or video format.

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With all these ideas I know are going through some people’s heads, I want to see how I can help as a blog (or vlog) producer. And here are some things I want to do different in 2021:

1- Have an open line for questions on how to do certain photographs.

2- If you are set up to maybe learn on a certain day, I can set aside a certain day just for certain subjects (such as: how to take macro photos, how to learn composition better, how to learn my camera settings, etc.)

3- Get some help from outside sources to help us all learn about photography. There are hundreds of photographers who are out there, who are willing to help people with photography.

4- Find special ways to stay motivated in your photography. Want to go take pictures with me? Perhaps we can connect our phones and I will go walking with you.

5- I will try to improve the “Photos of the Week” to show how these photos were taken.

6- I think there are many other ways, we can all learn together, and please submit questions to this link:

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