Photos of the Week: Minimalized Photos

Minimalized Photos? Is this a new word? In your auto spell check, it doesn’t exist, but, in Photography and Art, it is a real important type of photography that almost everyone loves it. If you haven’t heard of this, then read on, because we are going to introduce the best minimalized photos I have been able to find. Comment at the bottom how you feel about these photos.

light sea dawn landscape
Photo by Pixabay on

The idea of minimalization is to have an important subject, but lots of surroundings around it, like you see above. There have been a few great photos lately that have really been loved on the internet. Check these out:

Portrait of couple taken off the reflection in water.
Hackney Wick Swan

Minimalist photos are often called: NEGATIVE SPACE PHOTOS. See how you have so much space in all these photos? That is Negative Space, or Minimalist photos.

I hope you found some photos that you liked. This seems to be a trend of photography that is just coming to life now. Stay tuned for more great photos !

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