Photography is an art! And artists are constantly struggling to stay motivated. So, here are a few good quotes that maybe will help you:
1- “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
Robert Frank
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This is a quote that is so true. How do you capture the things that are real? A camera, a good photographer, and the idea of letting the world know that we are all still humans.

2- “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
Aaron Siskind
a vintage photo of lovely siblings
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Photography is a “machine for memories”. Can you remember all the things in life that happened to you, or to your friends, or your spouse from long ago? The memories will let you see the beauty of a person forever.

3- “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
Annie Leibovitz
Taylor Swift Poses for Disney, Annie Leibovitz | PEOPLE.com
Photo of Taylor Swift for Disney, taken by Annie Leibovitz.

Whether you take pictures of just your family, or other people, a good photographer absolutely loves the people she takes pictures of. Learn to love everyone you photograph.


When you think about it, the things that make a good photo is the combination of time, and light. These 2 things are the key to good photographs. Some of the best photos are those photographers who can truly see light:

Photo by Lanny Cottrell, night photography, and seeing the many different types of lighting in this photo.
5- “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”
Paul Caponigro
deer looking backwards
Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on Pexels.com
Actress Anne Hathaway photographed for The Creative Coalition in New York
Portrait of Geronimo with a gun.

Whether your portrait is of an animal or famous people or just family and friends, you will do much better with your portrait if you can feel the subjects heart and soul. Take the time to learn about the person’s feelings, and get to know them better. It’s then that your portraits will become amazing.

6- “A tear contains an ocean. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a persons life that reveal greater truths.”
city road mountains people
Photo by Tony Pham on Pexels.com

Taking photos of the little things in people’s lives is one way to preserve those memories.

7- “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”
Diane Arbus

In normal life we drive by, walk by photos that we don’t see. It takes time and practice to learn to “see” a photo.

8- “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”
Ansel Adams
Photo of Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams Collection & Gallery | The Wilderness Society
Photo taken by Ansel Adams

You are the creator of the photo, the result is the other side of the camera.

9- “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld
The Beatles and Ed Sullivan preparing for their perfomance.

Taking photos of events may be everlasting. Make sure they are good.

10- “When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.”
lake in the middle of mountains under blue sky
Photo by Anna Hinckel on Pexels.com

Being at the right place at the right time, will give you opportunities you should not pass up. When you look at a scene, is it “the one”. Always look for great photo opportunities.

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