silhouette of a boy playing ball during sunset


Some of the best photos that most people like to view are those photos that were achieved by being in the right place at the right time. I have often felt like: I wish I could get a few of those special “timings”. That is not as tough as it seems, because a lot of the moments you already know are going to happen. For example, say you want to get a photo of the best sunset ever. What does it take to get the best photo of a sunset:

1- Be at a good place when the sun sets

2- Have your camera ready for the perfect shot

3- Take several photos of the sunset to see which one you like the best

4- Be prepared that it might not be the best. So, what do you do?

two person on boat in body of water during golden hour
Photo by Johannes Plenio on
Come back again to this same place and wait. Then repeat the above steps.

Another thing to think about is the ocean tides. You may spend quite some time to get the perfect photo of the waves that you want, but, that is what makes a good photograph – Great. But, watch the waves, the tide, and then wait and shoot a lot of photos to get the perfect photo.

person surfing
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Another way to get your lucky photo is at a ski resort, if you live close to one. Go up to the slopes, watch the people from the top of the hill and then, with your camera, you follow their every move, taking a lot of photos. Remember, the pictures you don’t want, you can delete. So, take a lot of photos.

man doing ice skiing on snow field in shallow focus photography
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Another thing you can do to create the perfect timing is to go downtown, and get some scenes that you create that are different.

timing tips for street photography
A standard early morning image of Big Ben along Westminster Bridge. If we take the time to wait, we can catch a bus!
timing tips for street photography
The bus makes the image just a bit different.

Another interesting photo you could create, make your own timing is to try your hand at “street photography”. Go downtown, to the big town, and hang around busy areas for a while. The most photographed people that tell a story is often the homeless.

man person people old
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Ask these people first if you can take their picture, and tell them you will make a copy for them, if they let you take their photo. They usually won’t mind. They won’t understand why you want a photo of them. But, these people have had a hard life, and to have someone treat them nice is a reward for them. But, I find that if you offer them a free photo, they will appreciate it so much.

Another photo that the timing is important is waiting for the perfect clouds. Cloudy days, generally, do not produce the best photos, but, the ones that are the best are the ones where there is sky and clouds. They just make the best photos possible. And you might have to take several photos to get this right on.

green tall trees with view of mountain and sun peeking through
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My favorite photos may change dramatically with clouds. Photo by Lanny Cottrell

With the photo above, I know I was taking pictures of the amazing autumn colors, but, then the clouds were there, and it turned out to be an amazing fall scene. Pick your day to watch for the best clouds. Usually right after a storm, they are more broken up than before or during a storm. If it storms, then find out when it’s suppose to be over, then plan your trip to be there at the right time, and get the photos that will look the best.


Timing is everything. And you can create your own timing. Just plan for these events so you can find your own timing.


silhouette of a boy playing ball during sunset
Photo by manu mangalassery on
person in spiderman costume
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light streak photography of city street
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