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Ansel Adams once said: “In my mind, I visualize how a particular… sight will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.”

Wouldn’t you love to just hang around Ansel Adams? This man was truly an icon in photography. His ideas sparked photographers to want to be like him. But, you never saw photos that looked like his. Because photographers didn’t want to take the same photos as him, or anyone else. People wanted to become their own artist.

Ansel Adams, in his day was truly a master.

You may, someday, want to become famous in photography, much like Ansel Adams. But, your type of photography may be different than his. But, is it worth it to learn from people like Ansel Adams? When you go to college to learn photography, you study the basics of photography, until you become good at a few types of photos. Because you find you like to take photos of certain things, that is when you run for your dream of becoming a master photographer, in the type of photos that you take, whether you want to become a great wedding photographer, a master in landscape photography, or wildlife photography, or many of the other subjects out there. But, you never really find out about what you are good at, until you try different types of photography.

Learning from a photographer is the most valuable way to learn.

Learn from a photographer to really become knowledgeable about photography.

It is a well known fact that most people will learn better and faster if someone shows them. This includes sight and sound, the two most important ways to learn. As you are in the presence of a photographer, you will be able to ask any question that comes to mind. “Is the rule of thirds always important”? “What happens if I slightly underexpose all the time to get richer colors”? So many questions that pop in your head can, and will be answered by a good photographer.

123PhotoGo to sponsor photo workshops.

Photo taken by Lanny Cottrell / 123PhotoGo

This year, 123Photogo will sponsor a Photography Field Trip in the late spring, early summer, and then at autumn. I will invite several of my professional instructors to help me with this, and it should be an exciting time. I don’t know if have ever been around several professional photographers at one time, but they are fun to hang around, and they exchange their own ideas between each other as well. Pluls, you will come away excited to take pictures. The world is too beautiful to not get this done right. 3 Different and unique field trips, where you can learn from photographers in this area. Spring we will focus on scenery, flowers, and close-up photography. Summer, I hope to find a beautiful sunset here in this area, and invite you to join us. And then in the fall, we will go up in the mountains, and capture the autumn leaves, and go over all the composition points of photography. Should be fun! Details will be forthcoming.

A few of photos taken in this area (Utah) to see the beauty around here:

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