Social Media is big now for photographers. Just why do you post your photos on social media, and the question is: Why do you post your photos of social media? Do you do it so that other photographers can learn from you? Or do you do it to get your name and photos out to the world, hoping that you might make money in the future?

The person who knows about this, is a special video presentation I have for you. If you post your photos, or just want to post your photos, then watch this:

If you want to post your photos on social media, or thinking about it, watch this first.

First off, it’s important to set your objectives clear on why you’re posting on social media. Do you want to post because you want to be a resource for others who want to learn from you? Or, do you want to post your images to share your best work? The path you choose will dictate what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

If you want to post as a resource to people, you’d want to include all the information for the gear, location, and techniques that you used to take a particular photograph. You might also want to use appropriate hashtags so that people can find your posts easily. On the other hand, if you’re only concerned with posting your best work so you can use it as a portfolio, all of that is unnecessary.

In any case, Day has a valuable suggestion – never rush with posting your images. Never take photos just to post them immediately on social media. Take time to get to know your work. Scrutinize the image before you’re absolutely sure about posting it. This way you can ensure that you only showcase your best work. Putting out consistent and excellent posts will also ensure that your potential clients are confident about who they’ll be working with.

“Let the photos marinate. Don’t just throw them out there on social media.”

Am I using social media? Yes, you can see my on Facebook (3 accounts), Twitter, Instagram, and more coming soon.

This photo recently posted on Facebook:

Night photo of a street lamp encased in the trees.

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