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As a photographer, when I think of spring, I think of new flowers, and flowers that only bloom in the spring: tulips, daffodils, crocus, and the blossoms on the trees. Spring is also exciting, because it’s a renewal of nature, and there just seems to pop out things that get you excited about life, and the life of new plants.

red and white petaled flowers
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But the question I always ask is: How can I make these photos different than any other photographer out there? The answer is simple: take a photo of flowers differently than anyone else would do. Most photographers go out and snap photos of the flowers on the plant, not thinking of creativity. I want to show you some different photos that would make your flower photos more exciting:

Photo by Lanny Cottrell….. If you can wait for a bee, or some insect to land on the flower will make the photo just that more interesting.
red flower fields
Photo by Magnus D’Great M on………Try a different angle when you take photos of flowers. This may be hard to get down to that level, but try it so that you just get some different angles that you don’t see in usual flower photos.
red flower
Photo by Tyler Lastovich on……..Isolate a flower, and even put a dark background behind it, so that all you see is the flower. Usually photographers will get black velvet because there is no reflection to that type of fabric.
Photo by Laretta Ugolini ….. Try your skills at “still photography”. Actually pick the flowers you have and put them in an arrangement to get some kind of new artistic approach to flower photography.
white and pink cherry blossom
Photo by Secret Garden on……. Blossoms on trees are pretty. They are even more pretty, when you get super close to them.
Photo by Lanny Cottrell …… There are sometimes birds that appear only in spring. If you can get a good full image of the bird, you will have a winner. This bird is seen in our area during the winter and spring, and as summer comes along, they move up into the mountains. With your telephoto lens, make sure you use a large aperture, so your depth of field is small, so the background is blurred out.
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash……. One thing that you see a lot if you get out in the farm country or even driving along freeways, is a lot of newborn calves. You want to make an impressive photo, make sure you get close enough to the subject to only get the calf, or newborn animal. It has so much more impact.
Photo by Nayeli Rosales on Unsplash…… Spring is the time when young love happens a lot. Get some intimate couple portraits to add to your collection. And besides, you might make some money on the side.


This is the time of year, when there is a lot of new photo opportunities. It’s also a time to bring up your game in your spring photos, do something different this year. Have fun realizing what will become of your photo skills as you learn new ways to take photos.

This article written by Lanny Cottrell for 123Photogo.

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